Dilonexa XXIII was an agriworld located in the Centrality's Dilonexa system. It had no bodies of water larger than small lakes, and its farms stretched across the entire surface of the planet providing foodstuffs, plastics, fuels, and grain for the herds of native bovine. The populace had to import heavy metals, since their planet had few; however, they profited from the export of cigars. Its lack of heavy metals gave the planet a tolerable gravity despite its size. Because of this, Dilonexan colonists developed an allergic reaction to foods containing too many trace metals. When Lando Calrissian attempted to sell fishing poles, leather hides, and wintenberry jelly on the world, no one purchased any.

The surface suffered frequent giant tornadoes until the weather was brought under control by orbital satellites. These satellites served a second purpose; anyone who tried to leave the planet with unpaid governmental debts would be the immediate target of a tornado-dispersing laser.




Lando Calrissian visited the planet briefly, to an unfortunate result.

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