"The way of the Bantha is one of majestic beauty and calm peace. Oneness with the natural world. We strive to understand the power of the creature."
―Dim-U Priestess[src]

The Dim-U were a sect of bantha-worshiping monks. Their beliefs were based on the unexplained presence of banthas on planets throughout the galaxy. They believed this to be a message from a higher power, and that once this message was unraveled, an "Age of Bounty" would come. Since they considered banthas holy, they would not eat bantha meat or wear bantha hides. Dim-U monks preached their religion on hundreds of worlds.[2]

A bantha, object of Dim-U worship


"A fanatical religious organization that worshipped banthas."
Mayor Mikdanyell Guh'rantt, to a spacer[src]

The Dim-U would refer to the bantha in a number of ways, such as the "Mighty Bantha", "Horned-One", "Revered Bantha", "Wandering Bantha", "Enduring Bantha", and "Stalwart Bantha".[3]

Numerology was important to the Dim-U, with the number 4 appearing to have major significance. This was remarkable to the historian Arhul Hextrophon who believed that this common number indicted a connection with other seemingly disparate religions across the galaxy. As part of his comprehensive Firstborn Theory, Hextrophon postulated that the Dim-U religion originated among the primordial galaxy and those beings who first occupied it.[4]

Many Dim-U monks lived on the planet Tatooine. They resided mostly in Mos Eisley at the Dim-U monastery and in an Oasis community in the Jundland Wastes.[2] The Mos Eisley monastery had differences of opinion with the Oasis community. The monastery was headed by Abbot Drayk, primarily as a front for his computer slicing business on the side. The monks had a "back door" into the Bureau of Ships and Services mainframe which allowed them to alter ship transponder codes. Other monks were trained technicians who could discretely and ably install illegal upgrades to ships, including weaponry. Drayk himself had access to a network of underworld contacts, and could put clients in contact with beings able to serve their needs, for a price. The monastery charged about double the open market price for such services.[1] Drayk and the Dim-U had managed to avoid being forced to affiliate with Jabba the Hutt.[5]

The Dim-U monks of Tatooine once contracted spacers to eliminate poachers who sold the meat and the hide of the bantha.[3]


The Dim-U monastery of Mos Eisley


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