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"Do you know why I could not find your agent? Because it was a natural agent! What a surprise! Who uses them anymore? No one! It is dimilatis. An herb! It grows in the sea plains of Gala. A pinch or two is harmless. But the local people know that if it's dried, and used in certain concentrations, it mimics the effect of a wasting illness. Ultimately fatal, of course."
Mali Errat[src]

Dimilatis was a herb native to the planet Gala. Found only in the plains of the Galacian Sea, it could be used in small quantities of raw leaves as flavoring. When dimilatis was dried, it was safe to use in large or regular quantities, and would not addict the consumer.

If a user became addicted, they would begin to waste away as if from illness. Dimilatis was used as a poison against Queen Veda when she attempted to host an election for her successor.

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