Dimoks were a sentient species native to the planet Dimok of the Sepan system. They were at war with their neighbors, the Ripoblus, for decades as of 22 BBY[1] and up until the Galactic Empire arrived in the system in 3 ABY.[2] The Dimoks supported the Empire before they were betrayed and attacked by the invaders.[2] At this point, the Dimoks and the Ripoblus made peace with each other in an attempt to drive out the Empire.[2] However, this temporary alliance failed, as the Dimoks and the Ripoblus did not have the military might to oppose the Empire. Admiral Harkov and Maarek Stele put down the Dimok resistance and made peace with the Ripoblus, effectively ending the Sepan Civil War for several decades.[3]

Old arguments started up again in 40 ABY, triggering a new war in the Sepan System. This time, though, it was the Galactic Alliance who worked to stop the fighting as Imperial control in the galaxy had drastically shrunk.[4] The war between the Dimoks and their rivals was still ongoing as of 137 ABY.[3]



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