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A suit of Mandalorian armor was worn by the Mandalorian bounty hunter Din Djarin in the years after the Galactic Civil War. While initially weathered in appearance, Djarin strengthened the armor with beskar he received from The Client, a member of an Imperial remnant.


Din Djarin's armor was originally worn in appearance, though it was later rebuilt around 9 ABY, when he used beskar to change the appearance of the armor. Later, the armorer of his tribe engraved a mudhorn signet on his pauldron to represent his clan.[4] Djarin also was equipped with a pair of Mandalorian vambraces, forged in beskar by the Armorer. Later he was given beskar plated jetpack that the armorer made from the armor of the Tribe's fallen warriors.[5]


The Armorer inscribes Djarin's pauldron with his clan signet.

The armor was worn by Din Djarin around 9 ABY. He refused to take his helmet off, as he was part of the Children of the Watch, which forbade such actions. His old armor became irreparable when he fought a mudhorn, so he took the beskar that he received from the bounty on Grogu and replaced it. The Armorer suggested that he have a mudhorn signet engraved on his pauldron, but he stated it was not a worthy kill as he was assisted by Grogu. The Armorer then suggested he receive whistling birds as part of his armor instead, which Djarin accepted. In the Mandalorian tunnels on Nevarro, he received a jetpack. It was given to him by the Armorer, who also engraved the mudhorn signet at that time, which was the signet of a "clan of two," whose members were Djarin and Grogu. Later, on Morak, Djarin was forced to remove his helmet to have his face scanned to be able to acquire the coordinates of Moff Gideon's light cruiser. Many people saw his face, which went against The Way of The Mandalore. He later took off his helmet again on Gideon's light cruiser so Grogu could see his face and touch it.


Din Djarin's armor, as seen through his Disney+ logo

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