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"Let it be written in song that Din Djarin is accepting this foundling as his son. You are now Din Grogu. Mandalorian apprentice."
―The Armorer[9]

Din Grogu, known only as Grogu until being formally adopted by Din Djarin after the conflict on Mandalore, was a male Force-sensitive Mandalorian belonging to the same mysterious species as the legendary Grand Master Yoda. Grogu was born around the year 41 BBY, and was raised at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant as a Jedi Initiate of the Jedi Order. Grogu had survived the Great Jedi Purge and was hidden away. Years later, he was rediscovered by a remnant of the Galactic Empire after it fell and led by Moff Gideon. At this point, Grogu became known to many simply as the Child, during the New Republic Era. However, Grogu was rescued by Din Djarin, a Mandalorian bounty hunter where he became a foundling. Sharing many adventures together, Djarin was eventually able to find a Jedi to train Grogu and he rejoined the Jedi Order under Jedi Master Luke Skywalker. Later on though, Skywalker sensed that Grogu's heart was not in learning the Jedi path, thus he subsequently gave in to his attachment to the Mandalorian and was returned to him upon which he would start to train to become a Mandalorian himself.

Grogu was born in the year 41 BBY and was raised at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant as a Jedi Initiate of the Jedi Order and was taken into hiding by Jedi Master Kelleran Beq after the Galactic Empire was formed. Eventually, he was held at a hideout run by Nikto mercenaries on Arvala-7 during the era of the New Republic, having survived the siege of the Jedi Temple decades prior. While still an infant at the age of fifty years, he was sought by the "the Client," on behalf of Moff Gideon and Doctor Penn Pershing, by an Imperial client who hired Djarin to retrieve him.

However, Djarin chose not to leave Grogu with the remnant and rescued him from the Imperial Remnant safe house. After attempting to hide with Grogu along the fringes of the galaxy, Djarin returned to Nevarro to deal with the Imperials chasing Grogu in hopes of keeping him safe. In the process, Grogu became a Mandalorian foundling and the single other member of Djarin's newly created clan. As a result, Djarin took up a quest to deliver Grogu back to the Jedi. Djarin, alongside Grogu, would then travel across the galaxy, searching for the few remaining Jedi who were left. As advised by former Jedi Ahsoka Tano, Djarin would eventually travel with Grogu to Tython, where he could reach out through the Force to find another member of his kind. However, Grogu was captured by Imperial forces, and Djarin was forced to lead a mission to rescue him. After being reunited with Grogu, Djarin delivered him to Luke Skywalker, a Jedi who agreed to take the child into his care and train him in the ways of the Force.

Grogu renewed his training under Skywalker and spent a relatively short period training with Skywalker on Ossus, where Skywalker was building a Jedi Academy. However, Skywalker sensed that the child's heart was not in learning the Jedi path. After Djarin visited the planet bearing a gift of chain mail armor for Grogu, Skywalker presented the child with a choice: accepting the gift and returning to the Mandalorian, or taking Yoda's lightsaber and continue with his Jedi training. Grogu chose to return to Djarin and was reunited with him on Tatooine in the middle of a gang war between Boba Fett's forces, whom Djarin was aiding, and the Pyke Syndicate.

Afterward, he and Djarin would travel the galaxy in hopes of restoring their home planet Mandalore, and the people as well. With the aid of Bo-Katan Kryze and the Children of the Watch working together, they were able to establish an alliance with the with other Mandalorians in retaking their home planet, only to discover in horror that it was being occupied by Imperial remnants lead by non other than Moff Gideon. Working together, Grogu and the mandalorians defeated Moff Gideon. With this, the Mandalorians reclaimed their homeworld and Grogu would go on to be adopted by Din Djarin.


Jedi Order


"He was raised at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. Many Masters trained him over the years. At the end of the Clone Wars when the Empire rose to power, he was hidden. Someone took him from the Temple. Then his memory becomes dark. He seemed lost. Alone."
―Ahsoka Tano feeling Grogu's thoughts[10]

Grogu was offered a flower by the dust bunnies.

Born in approximately 41 BBY,[1] during the era of the Galactic Republic,[10] the mysterious alien[14] known as Grogu was raised in the Jedi Temple on Coruscant and trained by several masters until the Jedi Order fell in the Great Jedi Purge at the end of the Clone Wars.[10]

At some point during or after 41 BBY,[15] Grogu was meditating over a puddle of water with the Force. While this happened, a group of dust bunnies noticed him and begin to bounce and swing around him. One dust bunny caused Grogu to sneeze, making him fall into the puddle. As Grogu lifted himself from the puddle with the Force and slowly descended to his feet, he noticed the dust bunnies and began to back away.[16] Grogu continued to walk away from the creatures as they followed, and when he noticed them still behind him, he began to run. When he turned to see if they were still pursuing, one of the dust bunnies collided with his face, knocking the youngling over. Grogu picked himself back up once again and observed the dust bunnies, which began to dance in front of him before presenting him with a flower. Grogu accepted the gift, bowing in appreciation. He and the dust bunnies then piled together.[16]

Great Jedi Purge

"We've got one fleeing on sub-level platform 1215."
―A clone trooper witnessing Kelleran Beq and Grogu[8]
Grogus Flashback

Grogu witnessed the Siege of the Jedi Temple.

As part of the Great Jedi Purge in 19 BBY,[17] during the siege of the Jedi Temple, Grogu was defended by four Jedi[18] who attempted to evacuate him from the Temple and take him to an extraction point where a shuttle was waiting for them;[8] the three eventually perished at the hands of the 501st Legion[18] but not before managing to load Grogu's pram onto a turbolift away from danger. Grogu successfully escaped from the Jedi temple with the help of Jedi Master Kelleran Beq who evacuated him from the burning building aboard a BARC speeder. Despite being hunted by Republic LAATs, Beq was able to lose them in the tunnels of the station by Monument Plaza and reach a repulsor platform where sympathetic Naboo troopers were waiting with a H-type Nubian yacht to evacuate him and his companions. Ambushed by clones led by shock troopers, Beq took Grogu onto the ship under cover from the Naboo troopers and they successfully escaped the planet.[8] After the Galactic Empire rose to power, Grogu, along with all other surviving Jedi, went into hiding. During the Imperial Era, he remained undetected by concealing his Force powers.[10]

Hunted by Gideon


"The commission was quite specific. The asset was to be terminated."

Grogu was found by Din Djarin, a Mandalorian bounty hunter who was hired to hunt the child.

By 9 ABY,[1] Grogu had fallen into the hands of a Nikto encampment on the planet Arvala-7. The Mandalorian bounty hunter Din Djarin was dispatched by a member of Gideon's Imperial remnant known as "the Client" and Imperial Doctor Penn Pershing to capture Grogu alive, though the Client gave Djarin the option to return Grogu dead for a lower price. The assassin droid IG-11 was also dispatched to terminate him. After working together to storm the encampment the infant was being held in, Djarin and IG-11 found Grogu. Upon seeing the infant, Djarin was confused as he was told that the asset was 50 years old, but IG-11 explained that Grogu must have had a unique aging process. IG-11 then attempted to terminate the infant, but Djarin shot the droid before he was able to do so.[2]

Shortly after, Djarin took Grogu back to his ship, the Razor Crest. On the return journey, they were attacked by a trio of Trandoshan bounty hunters, who attempted to kill Grogu. After Djarin defeated them, he and Grogu camped out in the desert for the night. While Djarin sat by the fire, Grogu got out of his pram and then approached the bounty hunter, raising his hand up to the Mandalorian's wounds. Djarin stopped him and placed him back into his pram twice. The next day, the pair made it to the Razor Crest only to find it being scavenged by Jawas. Djarin attacked their sandcrawler for the scavenged parts and attempted to climb it while Grogu followed in his pod. However, Djarin was knocked to the ground.[6]

The duo then sought help from the only other known living local. While Djarin was explaining the situation, Grogu chased some frogs meant for the local Blurrgs and eventually ate one of the creatures. Eventually, Djarin got the assistance of the local Ugnaught Moisture farmer Kuiil to try to convince the Jawas to give back the parts peacefully. The Jawas wanted Grogu and Djarin's armor, but eventually Djarin agreed to retrieve a mudhorn's egg in return for the parts. Djarin fought the mudhorn, but was quickly sprawled across the mud while the infant just watched. Just as the mudhorn was about to charge at Djarin, who only had a vibro-knife to defend himself, Grogu then used the Force to lift the beast into the air long enough for Djarin to get up and kill it. After using the Force, Grogu passed out from Force exhaustion. When Grogu eventually awoke, the Razor Crest had been repaired, and they were enroute to Nevarro.[6]

Into hiding

"We want you to stay. The community's grateful. You can pack all this away in case there's ever trouble. You and your boy can have a good life. He could be a child for a while."
Omera, to Din Djarin[19]

Djarin rescued Grogu from his captors.

Nearing their destination, Grogu left his pod to take a knob off one of the controls for the Razor Crest. Just when he was about to put it in his mouth, Djarin took it from him stating "That's not a toy", and then put him back in his pod. Upon returning to Nevarro, Djarin took Grogu to the Client's facility. The Client and Dr. Pershing were excited at their arrival and immediately began examining Grogu. Pershing then took him away, and the bounty hunter left wondering what the Client wanted with him, especially when Grogu let out a cry for help. However, shortly before leaving Nevarro to carry out a new bounty, Djarin, having a change of heart, returned to rescue Grogu. Shortly after Djarin stormed the facility, he found Grogu sedated with Pershing. After taking Grogu back, he was forced to defend him from the Bounty Hunters' Guild, who attempted to take him back. However, Djarin's tribe came to his assistance, resulting in Djarin escaping from the Bounty Hunters' Guild with Grogu.[3] Just as they were about to leave the planet, Grogu once again tried to take the knob from the control switch. This time Djarin unscrewed it and handed it to a delighted Grogu.

As the duo was traveling the galaxy, Grogu kept flipping switches to the annoyance of Djarin. After flipping one that caused the Razor Crest to shake uncontrollable, Djarin reset the control and took Grogu into his lap. Djarin took Grogu to the backwater world of Sorgan, where he intended to lie low for several months and avoid the guild. Upon their arrival, the Mandalorian told Grogu to stay put and not touch anything. When Grogu refused to leave his side, he accepted his company. The pair traveled to a settlement and walked through it. Grogu was startled by a Loth-cat which growled at him. Djarin and Grogu stopped at a common house, and Grogu had some soup. One customer, though, caught Djarin's attention, and he exited the common house to find her when she seemingly disappeared. The customer, named Cara Dune, ambushed Djarin, and they fought with Grogu watching them by quietly. Grogu then interrupted their fight by slurpping his soup when they had drawn their blasters.[19]


Grogu was taken to Sorgan, where he befriended a group of children.

Djarin talked to Dune, who assured him Sorgan was "taken." Thus, he took Grogu back to the Razor Crest, where two krill famrers awaited. They brokered with Djarin for protection of their village against Klatooinian raiders in exchange for residence at the village. Bringing Dune and Grogu with him, Djarin defeated the raiders with the help of Dune and the village. He continued to live there for several weeks, and Grogu became extremely popular with the children, although they were not fond of his attempt to eat a Sorgan frog. This however didn't stop them from playing with and feeding him their harvested krill. Djarin considered leaving Grogu behind in the village where he could have a childhood. However, a Kubaz bounty hunter came searching for Grogu and attempted to shoot him. After Dune killed the bounty hunter, Djarin changed his mind, and both he and Grogu left Sorgan behind.[19]


"You woke it up! Do you have any idea how long it took me to get it to sleep?"
"Give him to me."
"Not so fast! You can't just leave a child all alone like that. You know, you have an awful lot to learn about raisin' a young one."
―Peli Motto and Din Djarin[4]

Grogu stayed in the care of Peli Motto while Djarin worked a job.

Sometime after leaving Sorgan, Djarin encountered fellow bounty hunter Riot Mar, who engaged him in a dogfight. Grogu, who sat at the cockpit with Djarin, watched him evade his opponent and was thrust forward, as his guardian maneuvered the Razor Crest behind Mar and destroyed his ship. Djarin then took Grogu to the spaceport Mos Eisley on Tatooine. He left Grogu to sleep on the Razor Crest as he looked for work to gain credits for repairs. Grogu later awoke at the initial alarm of the hangar manager, Peli Motto, who took a liking to the child and fed him, she then decided to watch Grogu in exchange for an increased payment from Djarin upon his return.[4]

After learning of the Mandalorian's actions on Nevarro, inexperienced hunter Toro Calican kidnapped both Motto and Grogu in an attempt to blackmail Djarin. When Djarin arrived, he confronted Calican, who held his captives at gunpoint. Using a flare to blind his foe, Djarin flanked and shot him. Grogu hid in fright, but was immediately found again by Motto and Djarin. Djarin then left Tatooine with Grogu.[4]

The mercenaries' mission

"What is it? Like a pet or something?"
"Yeah, something like that."
―Migs Mayfeld and Din Djarin after he discovered Grogu[20]

Grogu's existence is discovered by the mercenaries.

In search of credits, Djarin took on another assignment for an old mercenary friend named Ranzar Malk to rescue a Twi'lek prisoner named Qin, who had been arrested by the New Republic. Requiring the Razor Crest to complete the mission, Ranzar collected a crew of mercenaries made up of a former Imperial sharpshooter named Migs Mayfeld, a Devaronian named Burg, a skilled pilot droid Q9-0, nicknamed "Zero," and Qin's sister Xi'an. While en route to the New Republic Correctional Transport, the Bothan-5, Djarin hid Grogu within a compartment, which was discovered by the mercenaries accidentally when Burg opened up the sleeping quarters. Dumbfounded at what it was, Mayfeld was very curious about the child and even wondered if it came from the past relationship between Xi'an and Djarin. Mayfeld picked up Grogu jokingly claiming that he could keep it as a pet before pretending to drop it. As this happened, the Razor Crest exited hyperspace, and its current pilot, Zero, performed a risky docking maneuver that tossed the crew members around the vessel, including Grogu, who fell face first onto the deck of the Razor Crest before being protected by Djarin and placed back into his compartment before Djarin left with the other mercenaries to board the prison ship.[20]

The Child Chapter 6

Grogu reaches towards Q9-0 with the Force.

As their mission continued, Zero uncovered a hologram from Greef Karga regarding Grogu's initial capture. Possibly realizing the value of Grogu, Zero became intrigued by Grogu. Around this time, the mercenaries had rescued Qin, betraying Djarin in the process, although Djarin retaliated by attacking each of the mercenaries one by one and disabling Zero's ability to contact the crew. While attempting to make sense of the situation, Grogu left his compartment and was encountered by Zero, who attempted to apprehend him. Eventually being chased back into his compartment, Grogu attempted to use the Force in self-defense by raising his hand to Zero, who was aiming his blaster at Grogu. Before anything could happen, Djarin arrived aboard the Razor Crest and shot Zero in the back, destroying the droid.[20]

With his mission accomplished, Djarin returned to Ranzar's station and delivered Qin, receiving his full payment. As Djarin and Grogu left the station aboard the Razor Crest, Ranzar prepared to deploy a gunship to destroy the ship, but as it prepared to launch, three X-wing starfighters exited hyperspace following a New Republic tracking beacon that had been activated during the mission, and which Djarin had planted on Qin. As the X-wings assaulted the station, the Razor Crest jumped to hyperspace, and during travel, Djarin comforted Grogu by giving him a knob from one of his control sticks.[20]

Return to Nevarro

Locating allies

Baby Yoda Force Choke

With a claw-like gesture, Grogu began to strangle Cara Dune through the Force.

Following the extensive manhunt for the Mandalorian, Karga contacted the hunter with an offer: return to Nevarro and help rid it of the Empire, and in return, keep Grogu. After brief consideration, Djarin decided to take Karga up on the offer. Djarin returned to Sorgan, where he picked up Cara Dune to help with the assault. While the two were speaking, Grogu was left alone in the cockpit and briefly attempted to play with the Razor Crest's controls, causing the ship to go out of control.[21]

To have someone to keep an eye on Grogu, Djarin, and Dune returned to Arvala-7 to pick up Kuiil, who had also repaired and reprogrammed IG-11. Djarin was hesitant regarding IG-11's presence, afraid he would harm Grogu despite his reprogramming. While the entire crew was on the Razor Crest, Grogu attempted to Force choke Dune as she arm-wrestled with Djarin wrongly thinking she was trying to harm him, much to both Djarin and Dune's horror.[21]

During the mission, Kuiil helped to care for Grogu, even constructing a new mobile pram for him. Grogu was to be used as bait to lure the Imperials into the trap and on the way to the city on Nevarro, the two groups stopped for the night to eat dinner. Karga noticed Kuiil was feeding Grogu meat and commented on how such a small and delicate creature was worth a fortune. Then the two groups were attacked by group of native reptavians which caused the Djarin's group to lose two blurrg and Karga was injured as a result. As Kara tried to stabilize the dying Karga as they were short on medpacs Grogu healed Karga poisonous injury. Karga, having originally intended to betray Djarin, reconsidered after witnessing Grogu's power, and murdered the bounty hunters who were with him.[21]

When creating a new plan, Djarin decided that he would pose as a prisoner, under the guise of having been captured by Karga and Dune. Under suggestion that Grogu still be used as bait, Djarin refused, asking Kuiil to take Grogu back to the Razor Crest, to safety. Later, as the plan fell apart, a pair of Imperial scout troopers discovered Kuiil and Grogu, killing the Ugnaught and kidnapping the infant just as they reached the Razor Crest.[21]



Grogu delighted as he speeds through Nevarro with IG-11.

Realizing that the infant had been kidnapped and Kuiil was dead, IG-11 left the Razor Crest to fulfill his programming "to nurse and protect." The Imperial Scout troopers stopped at the outskirts of the city while they awaited orders from Moff Gideon, the Imperial leader that wanted Grogu in the first place. In the meantime, they harassed Grogu. IG-11 arrived and rescued the infant by taking out the pair of troopers. The droid, carrying Grogu with him, rode one of the 74-Z speeder bikes that belonged to the troopers, making its way to the city. As IG-11 drove through the city shooting the stormtroopers that had taken hold of Nevarro, Grogu laughed in delight.[7]

IG-11 and Grogu regrouped with Djarin, Dune, and Karga. Though they held back the Imperial remnant at first, after Djarin was gravely wounded by Moff Gideon they retreated into the cantina. While trapped inside the building, Gideon sent an Incinerator trooper to eliminate them. Grogu used the Force to contain the flames before throwing them back at the stormtrooper, killing him. However, this weakened Grogu, and he collapsed afterwards, preventing him from helping heal Djarin's wound.[7]

Djarin asked Dune to take Grogu with her while she and Karga escaped through the sewers to the Mandalorian covert. Djarin, after being healed by IG-11, caught up with them later. At the desolated enclave, the group met the Armorer. As Djarin told his full experience with the infant, the Armorer declared Grogu to be a foundling. As such, Djarin was from then on seen as Grogu's father, until he could train him or otherwise return him to his kind. The Armorer declared Djarin and Grogu to be a clan of two, before branding the Mandalorian's shoulder plate with his new signet: a mudhorn, recalling when Grogu saved him on Arvala-7.[7]


Grogu accompanies Djarin wearing the Mandalorian's mythosaur necklace.

The group headed further into the sewer system onto a lava river to escape. At the end of the river, Imperial stormtroopers awaited them, so IG-11 sacrificed himself to comply with his programming and save Grogu. When they were attacked by Gideon piloting his Outland TIE fighter, Karga asked Grogu to do the "magic hand thing," referring to the Force, to save them from Gideon. Not knowing what he meant, Grogu just smiled and wave his hand to the request. Eventually, Djarin defeated Gideon, causing him to crash his TIE fighter. While the three adults were discussing the future of Nevarro, Grogu hugged Djarin's leg and Djarin picked him up, before stating that while he would love to continue bounty hunting he had to return Grogu to the Jedi. Taking Grogu away from the scene using his jetpack, Djarin then buried Kuiil and parted ways with Karga and Dune, leaving Nevarro aboard the Razor Crest, with Grogu as his foundling. As such Djarin allowed Grogu to keep his mythosaur necklace, which Grogu kept nibbling on.[7]

Search for the past

Searching for other Mandalorians


Grogu and Djarin search for Gor Koresh.

Djarin and Grogu went to an unknown planet to meet with Gor Koresh who, Djarin was hoping, could tell them about another Mandalorian. Koresh, however, only wanted Djarin's beskar armor and turned on Djarin. As the spectators hurried out of the stadium, Djarin activated his whistling birds, prompting Grogu to close his cradle. After Djarin killed all his associates, Koresh tried to flee, but was captured by Djarin. Koresh revealed he had heard of a Mandalorian residing in Mos Pelgo on Tatooine. Satisfied with the information, Djarin left Koresh at the mercy of some local creatures and then left with Grogu.[22]

Return to Tatooine

"How much do you want for it? Just kidding. But not really. You know, if this thing ever divides or buds, I will gladly pay for the offspring."
―Peli Motto, to Din Djarin, upon seeing Grogu again[22]

Grogu traveled with Djarin to get some information about a Mandalorian who resided on Tatooine. Upon returning to the desert planet, Peli Motto was happy to see Grogu again. Motto quipped that she wished she could have more of Grogu's kind. Djarin explained that he needed her help to find a Mandalorian that lived on the planet. Motto offered to look after Grogu while he went adventuring, but Djarin responded that he was on a quest to bring Grogu back to his kind. Motto replied that she couldn't help him with that because she had never encountered a member of Grogu's kind.[22]


Grogu enjoyed fast speeder bike rides.

After Peli pointed them in the direction of Mos Pelgo, Djarin and Grogu traveled there using her speeder bike. Upon arriving there, Djarin left Grogu in his side pocket and headed into a small cantina. Grogu was quick to follow him inside and saw Djarin and Cobb Vanth about to fight. Before the two men could fight, they heard a rumbling outside. Grogu hid in a pot as the rumbling intensified. The rumbling turned out to be a krayt dragon that had been terrorizing the village of Mos Pelgo.[22]

Grogu traveled with Djarin and Vanth, who had agreed to work together to slay the krayt dragon that was terrorizing Mos Pelgo, with Vanth promising Djarin his salvaged Mandalorian armor if they succeeded. As they traveled through a canyon, they encountered a pack of massiffs. Grogu hid from the animals until Djarin was able to communicate and made peace with them and the Tusken Raiders that they traveled with.[22]

The following day, Djarin, Grogu, and Vanth accompanied the Tusken Raiders on banthas to confront the krayt dragon, as they had forged an alliance the previous night. While Din, Vanth, Grogu, and the Tuskens watched from a cliff, a lone Tusken and his steed rode into a large cave, which one of the Tuskens explained is the home of the krayt dragon. The krayt dragon emerged and soon devoured the Tusken Raider, leaving the bantha. As Grogu scurried away in fear, the Tuskens reacted in horror as one of their kind was eaten.[22]

Djarin volunteered the citizens of Mos Pelgo to aid the cause. Working together, the citizens of Mos Pelgo and Tuskens laid explosives as a trap. During the battle with the krayt dragon, Grogu watched from afar as Djarin eventually slew the dragon. After the battle, Grogu eyed a piece of meat from the dragon that Djarin was loading onto the speeder. Djarin and Vanth said their goodbyes before Djarin and Grogu rode off on the speeder bike.[22]

Traveling to Trask

On his way back to Mos Eisley, Djarin and Grogu were intercepted[23] during their relaxed speeder bike ride[24] by bounty hunters seeking to capture Grogu. Grogu was taken hostage by one of the hunters, but after Djarin traded the hunter his jetpack for Grogu, Djarin remotely controlled the jetpack to cause the bounty hunter to fall to his death. Djarin reclaimed his jetpack and carried his gear back to Mos Eisley on foot, with Grogu riding in a cloth. Djarin collaborated with Motto to find another lead on Mandalorians, agreeing to transport "Frog Lady" to the estuary moon of Trask, where Frog Lady insisted her husband had seen Mandalorians.[23]


Still hungry, Grogu zeroes in on an egg in the ice caves of Maldo Kreis.

While traveling sublight toward the planet, Grogu's interest was greatly piqued by the Frog Lady's eggs. Shortly after leaving Tatooine, he began discreetly snacking on them until Djarin caught and reprimanded him, stowing him in the bunk. Later, after crash landing on an ice planet to escape a New Republic patrol, Grogu yet again consumed a number of eggs before Djarin stopped him again. As Djarin attempted to assess the damage, he gave some food to Grogu and the Frog Lady. Though Grogu was greatly disappointed in his meal and was constantly looking at the Frog eggs. When Djarin suggested the group get some shut eye, Grogu gladly cuddled next to his caretaker by the hip. After the Frog Lady fully explain her situation with the help of the help of Q9-0 head to translate her speech, Djarin reluctantly agreed to repair the Razor Crest as Grogu too was had a pleading look on his face.[23]

While Djarin fixed the Razor Crest, Grogu noticed that Frog Lady had wandered off and the duo went to look for her, finding both her and her unfertilized eggs at a nearby hot spring. Grogu attempted to take one but was stopped by Djarin. Noticing several different eggs nearby, Grogu's snacked experimentally on one of the spiders cocooned inside, and consequently woke all of the ice spiders up. Fighting their way back to the Razor Crest, the trio were nearly overwhelmed by the spiders until the New Republic pilots that pursued them earlier arrived to save them. With the spiders no longer a threat, Djarin managed to repair the Razor Crest just enough for them to escape the planet. As the trio were leaving the planet, Grogu took out one of the Frog Lady's eggs that he hid inside his robes and ate it.[23]

Meeting more Mandalorians


Grogu's chowder was more lively than he accounted for.

Upon arriving on Trask, Djarin, Grogu, and Frog Lady managed to enter the planet's atmosphere, only to crash-land in the spaceport's harbor. After witnessing the reunion of Frog Lady and her husband, Grogu accompanied Djarin and the couple to a tavern. Before discussing his deal with a Quarren captain, Djarin ordered some soup for Grogu, who was surprised when a small tentacled creature attacked him from the broth as he ate. Luckily, Djarin casually removed the creature and told Grogu not to play with his food.[25]

Later, Grogu accompanied Djarin on a trawler owned by the Quarren, who claimed to know the location of more Mandalorians. This turned out to be a ruse, however, as Grogu was knocked into the mouth of their mamacore and they prepared to kill Djarin for his beskar armor. Fortunately, the duo was rescued by three members of the Nite Owls, led by Bo-Katan Kryze. Grogu was saved from the mamacore, though his crib was damaged beyond repair. Not believing Kryze's claim that he was from a cult-like faction of Mandalorians known as the Children of the Watch, Djarin returned with Grogu to the port.[25]

That evening, after being saved again from another group of Quarren by the Nite Owls, Djarin and Grogu agreed to hear them out, and discussed their plan at the nearby tavern. Knowing the mission would be too dangerous for him, Djarin left Grogu in the care of the Frog couple, just in time to see their first child hatch. Once his business with Bo-Katan was concluded, Djarin returned for Grogu and they departed Trask together, despite Grogu wanting to keep the new born hatchling. Din then commented that he wasn't going to take it as "he already had enough pets" referring to Grogu.[25]

Pit stop on Nevarro

"A school?"
"Things have changed a
lot around here."
"We'll leave the little one here so we can talk business."
"Wait. Wherever I go, he goes."
"Mando, please. Where we're going, you don't wanna take a child. Trust me."
"He'll be fine here. You have my word.
―Din Djarin, Cara Dune, and Greef Karga, on Grogu and their mission[26]

Grogu trying to help Djarin repair the Razor Crest.

The Mon Calamari hired to repair the Razor Crest did a less-than-perfect job. At Djarin's instruction, Grogu tried his best to help with the ship's maintenance, only to electrocute himself by crossing two wrong wires. Taking a break from maintenance work Djarin served himself and Grogu some soup. Afterwards, Djarin decided to stop at Nevarro for some proper repairs and set a course for the planet.[26]

Upon arrival, Djarin and Grogu were both welcomed by Greef Karga and Cara Dune, who had since become the town's new marshal. Following a tour of the settlement, Grogu was enrolled in the new school while Djarin accompanied Dune and Karga on their mission to destroy the last Imperial base on Nevarro. Rather than listen to the protocol droid's lecture, Grogu asked for a cookie from the student sitting next to him. When the boy refused, Grogu drew on the Force to move the cookie package from the boy's desk to his own before snacking on one of them.[26]

Later, once Djarin returned to fetch Grogu, the two took off in the Razor Crest and proceeded to destroy the last three TIE fighters that had been pursuing their friends. All the while as Grogu enjoyed the experience and ate another cookie. Djarin successfully took down the TIEs in a dogfight, but his piloting caused Grogu to regurgitate the cookies he ate, which Djarin had to clean up. Once Karga and company were safe, Djarin and Grogu left the planet in a fully repaired Razor Crest.[26]

Meeting Ahsoka Tano

"He's formed a strong attachment to you. I cannot train him."
"What? Why not?"
"His attachment to you makes him vulnerable to his fears. His anger."
―Ahsoka Tano and Din Djarin, on Grogu[10]

Grogu communes with Ahsoka Tano through the Force.

Djarin and Grogu arrived on the forest planet of Corvus, acting on a tip from Bo-Katan that a Jedi, namely Ahsoka Tano, was lodging there. Before entering the planet however, Grogu used The Force to take the shifter knob with him, but Djarin took it away and stowed in on of his pouches. Grogu accompanied Djarin inside the planet's capital, Calodan, as he asked the residents for information, and was present when Djarin "agreed" to find and kill Tano for the local Magistrate, Morgan Elsbeth, in exchange for a spear of pure beskar. On their way out of the city, Elsbeth's main enforcer, Lang, asked what Grogu was, to which Djarin simply replied he kept him around for luck.[10]

Djarin and Grogu proceeded to search the surrounding forest for Tano. Djarin set Grogu down as he scouted ahead, only to be quickly ambushed by the Jedi. Grogu witnessed them briefly fight until Djarin assured her he was a friend. Seeing Grogu behind him, Tano in turn realized why he had come looking for her. That evening, she connected with Grogu through the Force, revealing his name and history to Djarin for the first time. Ahsoka said that she wanted test Grogu's connection to The Force but had decided to let Grogu sleep.[10]

The next morning, Tano tried to instruct Grogu by using the Force to move a stone, but he refused to follow her command. When Djarin had more success using the knob from his ship, Tano decided not to train him because she felt that Grogu had developed too strong of a connection to Djarin, and worried that the fear and attachment inside of Grogu would cause him to suffer the same fate as her own master. Grogu stayed on the Razor Crest while Tano and Djarin worked together to liberate Calodan. After the city had been freed, Tano instructed Djarin to find the ruins of an ancient temple on the planet Tython, where Grogu would be able to choose his own destiny, before wishing them both goodbye.[10]

Meditation on Tython

"That's it, kid. We've got to get out of here!"
―Din Djarin to Grogu[27]

While on their way to Tython, Djarin called Grogu's name multiple times, finding the child's reaction to his name humorous. Djarin then asked for the control knob from Grogu, who was hesitant to give it back; however, Djarin offered it back to Grogu, who used the Force to pull it back. Djarin then landed the Razor Crest, flying Grogu to the temple via jetpack afterwards.[27]


Grogu meditates on the seeing stone.

Grogu was placed on the seeing stone by Djarin, where Grogu contacted a Jedi[27] who was later revealed to be Luke Skywalker.[13] Djarin asked Grogu to do his job, with some confusion as to how the process worked due to his lack of understanding of the Force. Grogu simply sat on the stone for a few moments, much to Djarin's annoyance, until the Slave I entered the atmosphere nearby, forcing Djarin to investigate. By the time Djarin spotted Boba Fett exiting his ship, Grogu had begun to meditate, creating an aura around himself, blocking Djarin from reaching him. Djarin eventually gave up trying to retrieve Grogu to escape and left to confront the newly arrived ship. When Djarin confronted Fett, the older bounty hunter threatened Djarin, stating that his accomplice, Fennec Shand, would shoot Grogu if Djarin refused to give his armor back.[27]

As Grogu continued meditating, stormtroopers of Gideon's remnant arrived on Tython, attempting to storm the temple to reach and capture Grogu. The Razor Crest was also bombarded by Gideon's ship from orbit, destroying their present means of escape. Djarin attempted to reach Grogu once more before the force field around Grogu temporarily incapacitated him. Fett and Shand, however, continued to hold off the Imperial forces in defense of Grogu. Djarin eventually woke up, attempting to reach Grogu once more to no avail, then instead joining Fett and Shand in defense of the child.[27]

After the Imperial forces were forced to retreat, Gideon ordered that a squad of dark troopers be sent to apprehend Grogu by force. At this point, Grogu was no longer meditating and was incapacitated. Despite Djarin and Shand's efforts to reach Grogu before the dark troopers, the child was nonetheless captured and taken to Gideon's command cruiser. Fett briefly followed the dark troopers in the Slave I to rescue Grogu, but fell back after Djarin requested for Fett to refrain from harming him.[27]


Gideon watches as Grogu thrashes two stormtroopers.

After Gideon's escape with Grogu, Fett and Shand agreed to help Djarin rescue Grogu. The group first went to Nevarro, where Djarin asked Cara Dune, now a marshal of the New Republic, for assistance. Djarin also requested that Dune help him spring Migs Mayfeld from prison, in hopes that the sharpshooter would help him rescue Grogu.[27]

While on Gideon's command cruiser, Grogu was held in a containment cell, where he tossed around two stormtroopers using the Force; however, this act weakened him. Gideon entered Grogu's cell, taunting him with the Darksaber; as Grogu reached for the blade, Gideon pulled back, telling him he was not yet ready to play with such things. Gideon then ordered his troops to place Grogu in binders, before exiting the cell, ordering a nearby officer to contact Doctor Pershing and inform him of the asset's return.[27]

Rescue from Gideon

"I will give my life to protect the Child, but he will not be safe until he masters his abilities."
―Luke Skywalker, to Din Djarin[13]

Djarin, Fett, Shand, Dune, and Mayfeld soon went on a mission to discover the coordinates of Gideon's ship. The mission was a success, but not without Djarin sacrificing his creed and removing his helmet in front of other living beings to recover the coordinates, showing how much he had come to care for Grogu as a son. Djarin then contacted Gideon and informed him of his intentions to recover Grogu, twisting Gideon's own words back upon him.[28]


Moff Gideon holds Grogu hostage with the Darksaber.

Djarin, Fett, Shand, and Dune captured an Imperial shuttle to board Gideon's ship, where Grogu was being held. In capturing the ship, they took Doctor Pershing as prisoner. Bo-Katan Kryze and Koska Reeves joined in the rescue mission, so that Bo-Katan could take the Darksaber from Gideon in combat. Successfully boarding the Imperial ship, Djarin found Grogu in the brig of the ship with Gideon holding the Darksaber over him. Gideon allowed Djarin to approach Grogu after telling Djarin he already had the blood he needed from the child. Gideon then attacked Djarin with the Darksaber upon him picking up Grogu. Djarin bested Gideon in combat using his beskar staff while Grogu remained in his cell.[13]

Djarin took Gideon and Grogu to the ship's bridge, which had already been secured by the others in the boarding party. Once on the bridge, the ship was boarded by dark troopers who made their way to the blast doors protecting the bridge and began to break them down. Gideon then informed Djarin that the dark troopers would only spare himself and Grogu. Before the dark troopers could break through the blast doors, a mysterious X-wing starfighter landed on the light cruiser.[13]


Grogu bids goodbye to Djarin.

A robed figure disembarked the X-wing and drew a green lightsaber, which he used alongside Force powers to defeat all the dark troopers and reach the bridge. Grogu reached out to the footage of this figure on a monitor on the bridge. Djarin recognized the robed figure as a Jedi and opened the blast doors to let him through. The Jedi entered the bridge and removed his hood to reveal himself as Luke Skywalker. Djarin bade an emotional farewell to Grogu, in which he took off his helmet to let Grogu see his face. Grogu was initially hesitant to go with Skywalker until he saw his astromech droid, R2-D2 accompanying him, at which point he walked towards the droid and was picked up by Skywalker. Skywalker left the ship with Grogu to begin training him in the use of the Force.[13]

The Jedi Academy

"You've taught him well."
"It's more like he's remembering than I'm actually teaching him anything."
"Sometimes the student guides the master."
[...]"Sometimes I wonder if his heart is in it [...] What should I do about him?"
"Trust your instincts."
―Luke Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano on Grogu's training[29]
Luke and Grogu meditate

Grogu briefly trained under Jedi Master Luke Skywalker.

Grogu spent a relatively short period of time training with Skywalker on Ossus, where Skywalker was building a Jedi Academy. While there, Luke told Grogu that he reminded him of Master Yoda and even carried him while he climbed a bamboo tree to show him the landscape of the planet they were on. The two also meditated while Skywalker told Grogu that he will find balance through the Force. Though initially Grogu was more focused on using the Force to capture and eat some local frogs, Luke was able to a stop to this bad habit quickly. During their time together Luke also helped Grogu remember parts of his past and training, including memories of Order 66. After a great display of using the force during their time together, Ahsoka Tano commented to Luke about how great of a teacher he was to Grogu, though Luke stated that it was more Grogu remembering his training than of Luke's teachings that are to be praised. However, Skywalker sensed that the child's heart was not in learning the Jedi path. After Djarin visited the planet bearing a gift of armor for Grogu, Skywalker presented the child with a choice: accepting the gift thus giving into attachment, therefore forsaking the Jedi way and returning to the Mandalorian. Or taking Yoda's lightsaber to continue with his Jedi training thus forsaking attachment, and maybe never seeing his Mandalorian caretaker ever again.[18]

Returning to the Mandalorian


A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away....

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"What is he doing here?"
"The Force works in mysterious ways!""
―Peli Motto, to Din Djarin, about Grogu's return[30]

Grogu is reunited with Djarin.

Grogu chose the armor and thus subsequently gave in to his attachment to the Mandalorian. R2-D2 flew Grogu in Skywalker's X-wing to Tatooine where Djarin found himself in the middle of a gang war between Boba Fett's gotra, whom Djarin was aiding, and the Pyke Syndicate. Grogu first found himself back at Peli Motto's hangar, where she learned his name from R2-D2. She stated that not only was it a terrible name, but also that she wasn't planning on ever calling him that. She noticed his armor underneath his robes and comments on him being all fancy. Despite R2's insistence that Grogu needed to be brought to Djarin immediately, as R2 was in a rush to return to his master, Motto instead instructed her pit droids to bring Grogu some dung worms for him to eat. After having his fill that night she took care of him and promised R2 that she would take Grogu to Djarin the next day.[30]

She did just that, only to find out that he was being chased by a Scorpenek annihilator droid. While avoiding the droid, Motto revealed a hidden Grogu hiding underneath a blanket. Once Grogu saw his friend, he instantly jumped at him for a hug. While Djarin was delighted to be reunited with his ward, and even noticed that Grogu was wearing the beskar shirt, he told Grogu to hide. Unfortunately, the rickshaw droid that was pulling their ride was damaged and the carriage got turned over. Djarin then caught Grogu midair and the two landed safely, only to hear the loud screeching and stomping of a rancor, being ridden by Boba Fett. Djarin then hid Grogu in a nearby house, only for the little guy to come out of it. As the Scorpenek droid was about to stomp on Djarin a second time, Grogu used the Force to pull an articulation pin from one of its legs to him. He caught it, but was sent rolling back several inches. Afterwards he dropped the pin and was picked up by Motto. After the rancor successfully destroyed the droid, Djarin took Grogu from Motto and would continue carrying him during the rest of the fighting.[30]

Cad Bane scared the rancor with his flamethrower, causing the rancor to destroy parts of the city. Handing Grogu to Motto for safety along with his favorite knob, Djarin tried to take control of the rancor by landing on its back and taking hold of the chains. However, Djarin failed, and the rancor threw him to the ground, unable to eat him due to his beskar armor. Grogu escaped from Motto's grasp to stand before the rancor, placing himself between it and the fallen Djarin. Using the Force, he calmed it down and put it to sleep, before curling up beside, exhausted from the feat.[30]

Before the duo left Tatooine's Exosphere, Grogu leaned forward on his seat to the glass pit of Din Djarin's N-1 starfighter. Using his knob, he repeatedly tapped on the glass. While Djarin was reluctant at first, he eventually gave into Grogu's demands but told him it was the last time he would do so. Djarin then switched on the starfighter's sublight thrusters. This caused Grogu to fall back in his seat and squeal in delight.[30]

At some point, Grogu was on[31] the planet Batuu[32] with Djarin in its Black Spire Outpost.[31]

Learning the Way of the Mandalore

Path to Mandalore

"It's Mandalore. The homeworld of our people. Every Mandalorian can trace their roots back to this planet, and the beskar mines deep within."
―Din Djarin to Grogu[33]

Sometime after the Tribe changed their hideout, and were about to welcome a new foundling into their ranks, they were attacked by a giant sea creature. While the tribe were desperately trying to kill the creature, Djarin used his starfighter to kill the creature. Afterwards, he and Grogu went to the Armorer. She welcomed Djarin coldly, and reminded him of his exile. As he and Grogu sat down, Djarin then produced a shard from their home planet of Mandalore. He then told the Armorer of his intent to bathe in the Living Waters in the mines, removing his exile status. The Armorer then acknowledged him and sent the pair out. As the two traveled through Hyperspace and Djarin slept at the pilot's seat, Grogu was in his cockpit marveling at his surroundings when he noticed a pod of purrgils flying nearby. Soon after, Grogu left his cockpit to be with Djarin.[34]


Grogu received a new hovering pram fashioned with external lamps and additional controls.

The duo soon reached their destination, Nevarro. After Djarin landed the ship, Grogu got inside his hovering pram. As the duo walked the streets, both were amazed at the major changes and how lively the planet had become. Then, the duo stopped at the statue of IG-11, to which Grogu looked at with great interest. Greef Karga, now High Magistrate, greeted the duo with enthusiasm. Karga then took the duo to his new office. As the two friends get reacquainted, Grogu sat on the chair and used the force to rotate the chair. It was at this time that Karga learned Grogu's name from Djarin. When Karga showed a map of a great location for Djarin to settle down, he refused and stopped Grogu from spinning the chair. Just then Grogu noticed some snacks in a bowl on Karga's desk. Using the force, Grogu took one and ate it. As Grogu continue to eat more of the snacks a protocol droid came in to inform the High Magistrate that pirates have appeared in front of the school.[34]

The duo then went to confront the pirates lead by Vane as Grogu continued to follow in his pram. After the duo killed all the pirates except for Vane, Karga then explained the updated with their law enforcements. After the explanation, Djarin then said that he and Grogu were on Nevarro for business. Djarin then explain that he needed a droid that he can trust to explore Mandalore, with IG-11 being his first pick. Afterwards, IG-11's upper body was taken back to Karga's office. While Djarin was able to restore IG-11's circuits and motor function back online, IG-11's original bounty hunting program was also restored. This caused the salvaged IG-11 to attack Grogu. While the group attempted to terminate IG-11 and they also tried to protect Grogu as well. Karga's protocol droid was able to by causing a copper head statue of Karga to fall on IG-11's head and thus damaging the memory circuit.[34]

Karga then explained that restoring IG-11 was beyond Djarin's skills, so the group went to the best droidsmiths of the Outer Rim Territories: The Anzellans. Upon seeing one of the Anzellans, Grogu was delighted. As the Anzellans worked on IG-11, Grogu wandered around the workshop, observing the Anzellans work. After Djarin had promised to bring a memory circuit to the Anzellans, Grogu crept behind one of the Anzellans and tried to take him away. Fortunately, Djarin was able to take the Anzellan away from Grogu and placed him just out of reach of Grogu. Disappointed, Grogu made one more attempt at capturing the Anzellan to no avail.[34]

The duo then departed from Nevaro and bid farewell to Karga. As they left the planet, Djarin showed and explained to Grogu how the ship's interior worked, including the mapping system, fuel, and enemy proximity warning system. At that moment, a trio of pirate ships lead by Vane tried to force Djarin to their captain's ship. Djarin refused, and more pirates were brought into the space battle. After destroying all but Vane's ship, the duo soon learned that Vane had lead them to Pirate King Gorian Shard. Shard demanded that Djarin surrender himself and his ship in exchange for his safety. To this, Djarin told Grogu to never trust a pirate. He then flipped the ship's sublight thrusters, causing the ship to escape the target lock and jump into lightspeed.[34]

After which the duo went to Kalevala. On the way there, Djarin explained that the planet was also located in the Mandalore system. The duo then landed on Kryze Castle to join Bo-Katan’s crusade at retaking Mandalore. Upon arriving, they were informed by Bo that the fleet she once had abandoned her, as she no longer had the rightful means to lead the group, due to Djarin now possessing the Darksaber. She then told Djarin that the fleet would obey him, but she would not fight him for control of the blade. Djarin, however, refused to lead and instead vowed to go to Mandalore and be cleansed of his sins by bathing in the Living Waters. Bo then told the duo that the Mines of Mandalore was located beneath the Civic Center of Sundari. Djarin then left for their next destination.[34]

Mission on Mandalore

"Was that his first word? I think he's talking to me. Did you hear that? He said 'Peli.'"
―Peli Motto, on Grogu[33]

Returning to Tatooine on Boonta Eve, they once again landed in Peli Motto's hangar. Upon seeing Peli, Grogu leapt out of the cockpit into her arms in delight. Motto began fussing the young alien, who made infant noises, prompting Motto to believe Grogu had said her name. Din Djarin then told Motto that he had business here on Tatooine. Motto then recounted their adventures as she tried to guess his business, even wonder if either The Twins or Boba Fett were his target. Djarin then said that he needed an IG droid memory circuit, as he was going to the surface of Mandalore, and needed a droid suitable for spelunking. Motto passed the request to a group of Jawas nearby, however they stated that currently they did not have one available, so Peli sold R5-D4 to Djarin. After an oil bath and modifying the N1 to hold R5, the new trio left Tatooine enjoying the fireworks that showered the night.[33].

Entering the Mandalore system, Djarin explained to Grogu about its history and the fact that he has never been to the planet before. He then pointed to the moon of Concordia telling his foundling that is where he grew up after being taken in by the Mandalorians. Djarin then shows Grogu where on the star map Kalevala is, before descending toward the planet's surface. Despite the terrible weather and turbulence, the N1 was able to make it onto the planet. Finding a safe place to land, Djarin then instructed his new astromech droid on what to do.


Reclaiming Mandalore

Eventually, Djarin and Grogu joined a successful assault to reclaim the planet of Mandalore, from Gideon's forces. The battle was successful, resulting in the death of the Moff, and Grogu's formal adoption as the son of Djarin.[9] The two would continue their adventures together.[35]

Personality and traits

"He's stubborn."
―Din Djarin, on Grogu[10]

Grogu was a small alien who had strong bond to Din Djarin, the Mandalorian who protected him.

Grogu formed an attachment to Djarin, who became his adopted father.[9] Ahsoka Tano sensed fear and anger within Grogu as well as his emotional bond to the Mandalorian. Grogu was initially uncooperative with Tano's attempts to test his connection to the Force; Djarin believed it was due to Grogu's stubbornness. Tano wanted to see if Grogu would listen to Djarin, to which Djarin responded that would "be a first."[10] Because of his stubbornness, Grogu had a tendency to get in many mishaps; such as eating vendor food without paying, hugging an Anzellan without consent, and causing many ice spiders to attack him and his group.

Though Grogu survived by concealing his powers, he occasionally utilized his connection to the Force to obtain what he wanted, whether it was food[26] or the control knob from the Razor Crest.[10] He was also willing to use the Force to protect his Mandalorian caretaker.[6][21]

Grogu's diet was influenced by his taste for a variety of meals,[23] including living creatures.[6] In his time with Djarin, Grogu devoured frogs,[6][19] unfertilized frog eggs, a spider egg,[23] a creature with tentacles, blue macarons,[26] worms, and many different kinds of soups/broths.[25]


Grogu was very motivated by food.

Grogu was a male alien who belonged to the same species as Grand Master Yoda.[10] Although he was fifty standard years old when Djarin found him, Grogu had the appearance and behavior of a toddler. At that time, he was a wide-eyed youngling[36] who stood 0.34 meters tall.[5] He also had small strands of white hair over his wrinkled head,[6] brown eyes, green skin, and two long ears that could move with his emotions.[2] He also wore a baggy youngling's robes as his main attire, which contains pockets allowing him to hold smaller things than him, like eggs or his favorite control knob. Since choosing to return to Clan Mudhorn, he wore his chain mail armor underneath his robes.

Powers and abilities

"This child has been blessed with rare properties that have the potential to bring order, back to the galaxy"
―Moff Gideon, regarding Grogu[13]
BabyYoda Force Heal

Grogu uses the Force to heal Greef Karga.

Grogu was able to harness the mystical energies of the Force on account of being Force-sensitive. One notable display of his power was when he telekinetically lifted a giant mudhorn into the air for a brief time to save Djarin from the charging beast. However, performing this feat was very strenuous for Grogu as he subsequently fell unconscious for several hours afterward.[6] He could also use the Force when he became angry, such as when he telekinetically strangled Cara Dune because he believed she was harming Djarin while they were arm-wrestling. He later revealed the ability to heal serious injuries and even cure poisoning by touching the injury and then using the Force, though the act, much like levitating the mudhorn, was incredibly draining.[21] In another notable display of telekinesis, Grogu created a strong barrier using the Force to protect his companions by both blocking and redirecting a stream of fire from an attacking Incinerator trooper.[7]

Grogu had grown more skilled in his use of the Force, as Moff Gideon observed, by the time of his capture on Tython. By then, he was capable of tossing around two stormtroopers with telekinesis until his Force powers ran out.[27] He could also manipulate small, nearby objects with ease, such as pulling cookies towards himself[26] or unscrewing a knob from one of the Razor Crest's levers.[10]

After spending some time training with Master Skywalker, Grogu was able to use the Force to enhance his reaction times, as well as use it to swiftly jump large distances (relative to his size).[18] He was also able to calm down a rancor that attacked Djarin in Mos Espa. Taming the rancor exhausted Grogu, and he fell asleep cuddled with the beast.[30]

Behind the scenes


"It happened with Iron Man, happened with The Lion King. You get one image that just clicks, and you say, 'Okay, this is it. This is the one.' Although the Child was a character that popped out of my imagination, it really didn't come to life fully until you had all of these artists collaborating and finding the essence of what that character was. When it works out well, it's just magical."
―Jon Favreau[37]

Concept art by Christian Alzmann

Grogu first appeared in the first episode of the 2019 Disney+ television show The Mandalorian,[2] which aired on November 12, 2019.[38] The character was conceived by Jon Favreau, who wanted to explore a new character from Yoda's species at the beginning of his journey while being in training, in contrast to Jedi Master Yoda ending his own journey in the 1983 film Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi. When Favreau discussed the character with executive producer Dave Filoni,[39] it caused a debate between the two because Filoni wanted to protect the mystery[40] Star Wars creator[2] George Lucas built around Yoda.[40] Filoni drew a rough sketch of the Child on cocktail napkins.[39] Another drawing by Filoni showed the Child's hand reaching out of a floating bassinet toward his protector.[40]

Favreau thought that the Child would have a name that denoted how he is cute and a little ugly, leading him to come up with the name Grogu.[41] Early in production of Season One, Favreau told Filoni that the Child's name was Grogu, causing him to think about how the audience could learn this. His idea was that Ahsoka Tano would connect with Grogu and communicate through memories and experiences, letting her learn Grogu's name so that she could inform Djarin and viewers.[42] Favreau wanted the character to have a lot of wrinkles, that the sclera in his eyes would not be too visible, and that he would not look too cute. Multiple members of the Lucasfilm Ltd. art department worked to refine the image created by Filoni.[39] Christian Alzmann's drawing of the Child was the first one that finally clicked.[40] His design was inspired by J. C. Leyendecker's baby designs and old Warner Bros. cartoon characters, which had massive cheeks on babies.[37] Favreau said on Alzmann's design: "It looked cute, but it also looked a little weird. That's part of Yoda. It can't just be cute. It can't just be a straight-up Disney baby, it has to be a little bit tweaked."[39]

Grogu is also[10] not the first infant member of Yoda's species to be featured in a Star Wars story: an infant member of the species appeared in a single panel of the Star Wars Legends comic Children of the Force, which was included in Star Wars Tales 13[43] in 2002.[44]


"That was such a powerful thing that was added to the story. That was our precious. Our precious is this being that we all end up taking care of in some way."
―Gina Carano, in an interview with Vanity Fair[45]

Filoni and Favreau intended to film Grogu as a puppet and then as a blank to later add CGI (in case the puppet was not convincing enough), but Werner Herzog, who played "the Client" in The Mandalorian, told the pair to leave it, calling them cowards.[46] During the show's production, Grogu was puppeteered by a team of people. Jason Matthews puppeteered the eyes, Trevor Hensley controlled his body moves and head, Hiroshi Ikeuchi controlled the ears and mouth, Mike Manzel puppeteered most of the body moves, and Tamara Carlson Woodard worked as a standby operator who also created the costume.[47] It was referred to as "the Being" by the actors during filming.[48] According to "the Armorer" actress Emily Swallow, people on set, like herself, want to interact with Grogu, despite knowing he is a puppet, because of how cute his design is. The puppeteers developed a habit of moving Grogu about as people spoke to him on set.[49]


The prop for Grogu, sat next to the Mandalorian in a promotional image for Season Two.

News reports and social media have widely and affectionately referred to Grogu as "Baby Yoda."[50][51] According to an article from Vanity Fair, fans were desperate for "Baby Yoda" merchandise, although Favreau had wished to hold off on it in case Grogu had been leaked before the release of the first episode.[46] Despite the nickname, Disney was careful to refer to the character only as "The Child" in merchandising, and Favreau told off Disney CEO Bob Iger for using the name Baby Yoda.[52] Indeed, Swallow remembered higher ups telling her and others to never refer to the character as "Baby Yoda," with official policy instead being to use Grogu's name.[49] Despite this, the product description for the LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar 2021 states that Grogu is "affectionately known as Baby Yoda."[53] Swallow stated in 2024 that the higher ups had given up on trying to stop them from calling the character Baby Yoda.[49]

Grogu and Djarin arrived at Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge in November 2022.[31] "The Journey of Din Djarin," an article by Kristin Baver in Star Wars Insider 216, stated that Djarin became Grogu's adopted father prior to the events of The Mandalorian Season Three.[54] However "Chapter 24: The Return" featured Djarin adopting Grogu during Season Three, not before.[9]

Non-canon history


Din Djarin helps Grogu make a snowball.

On December 12, 2019, a statue of Grogu was added to The Sims 4, following the ongoing release of The Mandalorian's first season. The item is merely a decoration and does not function as either a playable or non-playable character and has no special properties in the game.[55] Grogu was also featured in two LEGO animated products; in "Snowflake Snack," he escapes the Razor Crest to play in the snow, but he accidentally buries himself in a large snowball he created using the Force. He is then rescued by Din Djarin.[56] He also makes a brief appearance in The LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special while Rey Skywalker duels Darth Vader. The pair, along with other characters in the scene, pause their fighting to admire Grogu's cuteness.[57]

A small reference to Grogu was included in the 2021 short Maggie Simpson in "The Force Awakens From Its Nap", a crossover between Star Wars and The Simpsons, but Grogu himself didn't appear. The Simpsons showrunner Al Jean credited Grogu's absence due to him being the most demanded character in Disney+, feeling that Lucasfilm Ltd. didn't want Grogu to be overexposed.[58]

Grogu appears in the non-canon LEGO comic "The Droid Defenders," where Grogu and Djarin make their way to the world of Shihan, which is mainly inhabited by droids.[59]


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