The dingory was a hairless canine predator native to Lan Barell. They were raised on ranches and their meat was eaten by Humans and Qieg. Dingories themselves would eat Qieg if they had the chance.


The dingory was a hairless canine that grew to a length of between two and two-and-a-half meters, and stood between one and one-and-a-half meters tall. Their diet consisted of insects and slugs, but the scent of a native Qieg drove the dingory into a frenzy. As a result, the Qieg developed an intense fear of the beasts, but their meat was considered a staple of the Qieg diet. They lived in the planet's cacti forests, and were grouped in packs of 20-50 adults and young.[1]


Shortly after Humans colonized Lan Barell and introduced blaster technology to the Qieg, the dingory was hunted to near extinction. By the time of the Galactic Civil War, dingory populations had thrived once more, with wild packs roaming the cacti forests. Humans had learned to domesticate the dingory as long as there were no Qieg within a kilometer, and ranches were a common sight across Lan Barell's plateaus.[1]

At some point during the Galactic Civil War, the dingory became a popular pet to own on the Core Worlds. Traders willing to make the run to Lan Barell to obtain breeders could make a lot of money in a few short runs.[1]


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