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The Diplomatic Escort Group,[1] also known as Senate Security,[2] or simply as the diplomatic service,[3] was a clone trooper branch of the Coruscant Guard specialized in escorting diplomats to planets all around the galaxy during the Clone Wars.[1]


During the Clone Wars, Clone Commander Stone and Senator Kharrus led a squad of clone troopers to deliver a spice ransom to a band of pirates based on Florrum that had captured Confederate Head of State Count Dooku. A Nu-class attack shuttle entered the system carrying the spice and escort group, but the shuttle was ambushed by a Flarestar-class Weequay ship piloted by rogue pirate Barb Mentir. The enemy ship shot down the clone shuttle and caused it to crash in the Doshar fields on Florrum's surface. Both the shuttle's clone pilots and Senator Kharrus were killed in the crash, leaving Associate Planetary Representative Jar Jar Binks as the highest ranking individual.[4]

The Escort Group's shuttle is shot down over Florrum.

After Kharrus had been buried and given an impromptu funeral, the pirate Turk Falso and a squad of Starhawk speeder bike–mounted pirates ambushed the clones and stole the spice, but Binks and the clones eventually used skalder mounts to retrieve the ransom. The pirates then used WLO-5 speeder tanks in an attempt to wipe out the clones, but the Republic forces managed to defeat the pirates and commandeer the craft, taking them to the pirate outpost. The Escort Group arrived at the facility and departed Florrum with Skywalker and Kenobi, who had escaped a brief captivity at the hands of the pirates.[5]



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