Diran Miciluz was a weapons designer working for Hydrospeare Corporation.

Miciluz was a native of the Ktilac Regions, a part of the galaxy with few Human inhabitants. This led many to believe that his parents were probably traders or scouts. Miciluz's green hair also suggests that he descended from the crew of RSF Invincible-class Dreadnaught Noble, lost centuries ago.

Even in his early twenties, Miciluz was a great weapons designer, working in the elite team of Hydrospeare, Design Team Beta, and always wanting to improve concepts and ideas, be they his own or not. As a member of Design Team Beta, Miciluz worked mainly in projects for the Imperial Army.

The Rebel Task Force discovered that Miciluz had helped improving the range and accuracy of BlasTech HY-6 heavy cannons, which were being increasingly used by the Empire in aquatic applications.

Around 2 ABY, intercepted communications between Miciluz and several Moffs revealed that he was working on no less than sixteen weapon prototypes. The Rebel Task Force asked General Crix Madine to send agents to steal those plans for Rebel use.


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