"You see, Wedge, my vocation in life is to seek out people who fascinate me. I study them. I try to understand them. I share what understanding I have with others."
―Diric Wessiri describing himself to Wedge Antilles[src]

Diric Wessiri was a Corellian Human who was married with Iella Wessiri. After escaping from Corellia, he settled on Coruscant with his wife. In 6 ABY, he was captured by Imperials and sent to the Lusankya prison where he was brainwashed into one of Ysanne Isard's sleeper agents. When New Republic captured Coruscant in 7 ABY, Wessiri was discovered as a member of a group of slaves who had been working with General Evir Derricote in creating the Krytos virus. Wessiri was then reunited with his wife, who had believed him dead for a year. Isard activated Wessiri's brainwashing when the Director of Imperial Intelligence thought that Derricote had escaped Lusankya and was on his way to testify in a trial against Tycho Celchu. Wessiri was forced to fire toward his wife, Nawara Ven and Kirtan Loor, who Wessiri thought to be Derricote. Iella returned fire, wounding Wessiri mortally and only then discovering that it had been her husband. Wessiri died in her arms, revealing that he had been a brainwashed agent of Isard that had been broken in Lusankya prison.

Biography[edit | edit source]

On Corellia[edit | edit source]

"On Corellia he found a defendant in a case fascinating. He got to know her and decided she was innocent."
―Iella Wessiri[src]

Diric's wife, Iella

Diric Wessiri was from a rich, old Corellian family. This wealth allowed him to live his life in leisure and abled him to devote his time to studying people and different phenomena of life. He was married to Iella, who was over twenty years younger[2] but even with their different ages their relationship was very stable and affectionate with Wessiri providing a safe haven for his wife[1] who sometimes was required to take part in dangerous undercover missions for CorSec.[3]

Wessiri was often interested in the cases his wife investigated in CorSec with her partner Corran Horn.[1] And even when he did not agree with the things the Security Force did, he always attempted to understand the reason behind those actions.[2] He attempted to meet people who fascinated him and learn to know them. That habit sometimes annoyed Iella since time to time it led Wessiri to meddle with the cases she and Horn were investigating.[1]

When Imperial Intelligence liaison agent, Kirtan Loor, threatened to accuse Iella, Horn and their superior officer in CorSec, Gil Bastra, from aiding the rebels Wessiri was among the group of friends Bastra wanted to protect. Bastra created a collection of fake identities for himself, Horn, Iella and Wessiri to be used if Loor would force them to flee from Corellia.[4] When Loor made his move against Horn, Wessiri and his wife escaped to Coruscant where they took new identities Bastra had created for them.[1]

Imprisonment[edit | edit source]

Ysanne Isard, Wessiri's tormentor

"She broke me. She made me into one of her own."
―Diric about his Lusankya experience.[src]

In 6 ABY Imperial authorities took Wessiri away during a routine sweep. They were able to break his fake identity and learn who he was. He was then send to Lusankya prison where he was brainwashed and eventually broken.[1]

Six months later he was moved to work in the laboratory creating Krytos virus.[1] He was one of the human slave-labor workers under General Evir Derricote. After Imperials had invaded an Alien Combine meeting place Wessiri was with Derricote when he was selecting Sullustans for his experiments with the virus.[2]

Resurrection[edit | edit source]

Antilles: "Having a hobby will likely speed your recovery."
Diric: "A hobby, very good."
Iella: "This man's hobby is going to be my nightmare."
―Wedge Antilles, Diric Wessiri and Iella Wessisi about Diric's interest in the trial of Tycho Celchu[src]

After the New Republic conquered Coruscant they discovered that it was infected with lethal Krytos virus. They found the laboratory that was used in its creation and discovered Diric Wessiri among the slave labor used there. General Airen Cracken debriefed Wessiri and held him in quarantine before he was taken to see his wife.[1]

While Wessiri was healing from the after effects of his imprisonment he learned about the case against Tycho Celchu. He found the case fascinating and spoke with Celcu many times during his trial concluding that the Captain was innocent. Procecutor, Commander Halla Ettyk arranged Wessiri to get a special visitor's parking ticket that would allow him to get to a security hangar when Wessiri was well enough to accompany his wife to the court. First time he was there when Wedge Antilles, commander of Rogue Squadron, gave his testimony in the case. Wessiri met Antilles outside the court room after the testimony and drove holojournalist, Zaree Lolvanci away from the Commander who was disappointed by his inability to quarantee Celchu's release. Wessiri volunteered to escort Antilles to somewhere else but Antilles said Iella would need Wessiri more than he did since Iella's friend Winter was to be the next witness. Wessiri assured to Antilles that he believed Celchu to be innocent and they went their separate ways after agreeing to meet again later when Antilles would join Wessiri and Iella for dinner.[1]

Death[edit | edit source]

"Isard made me what others accuse Tycho of being. He isn't. She had me reporting on him too. From what she did, I cannot be saved. I can't live in suspicion, as a puppet. It would make life too ... boring."
―Diric Wessiri moments before his death[src]

When Kirtan Loor contacted Nawara Ven volunteering to testify on Celchu's behalf Ettyk called Iella to escort Loor safely to the court. Iella called her husband to tell that she would not be coming home that morning and Wessiri assured her that he would bring her some lunc to the court. Ysanne Isard had found out about the expected mystery witness and believed it to be Derricote who she thought had escaped from Lusankya. To make sure Derricote would not be able to testify Isard ordered Wessiri to go to the courthouse and rig a bomb to the secure parking facility to kill the General. Wessiri knew that his wife was escorting the witness and tinkered with the bomb so that it would not blow up.[1]

Corran Horn was Wessiri's friend for a long time.

When Kirtan Loor, Iella and Nawara Ven arrived Wessiri was forced to fire toward them. One of his shots wounded Ven and Loor was killed by his fire. Iella shot back and inflicted serious wounds to the attacker without knowing that it was her husband. When she went to see that the opponent was no longer a threat she found out that the attacker had been Wessiri. She was extremely shoked at her discovery and tried to help him by calling emergency medical help but Wessiri told her that she should let him die since he would never be able to live under suspicion the way Celchu had been done. He told her how he had been broken in Lusankya prison and had been forced to report about Celchu after his release. With his last breath Wessiri thanked Iella for freeing him from the influence of Isard.[1]

Wessiri's funeral was arranged soon after that on Coruscant. The event affected Iella strongly and she was able to live through it only with the support of Corran Horn, who had escaped from Lusankya instead of Derricote. Wessiri's passing was difficult for his other friends as well and Wedge Antilles considered his funeral having been harder on him than any flight mission. Antilles was also wondering if Wessiri had in their conversations given him hints of being a brainwashed agent.[1]

Personality and traits[edit | edit source]

"And I want you to know, Commander, if anything has happened between you and my wife, I bear neither of you malice. I have been dead for a year. While I dreamed of being alive again, I do not bear a grudge against those who lived while I was dead."
―Diric Wessiri[src]

While deeply devoted to his wife, Iella, Diric Wessiri allowed her to go to undercover missions with Corran Horn where they pretended to be a couple.[3] And while Horn believed that any real love relationship between him and Iella would have ruined her marriage,[4] Wessiri was not angry when he found out about Wedge Antilles's interest in Iella during Wessiri's imprisonment.[1]

Wessiri was interested in meeting people he found fascinating. He tried to learn to understand them and then passed on what he had learned.[1] He did not always accept what CorSec was doing but wanted to understand the reason behind their actions.[2]

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