Dirk Brossé (born February 18, 1960, Heusden, Ghent) is a Flemish Belgian composer and conductor. Since 1999 Brossé is Musical Host of the International Flanders Film Festival in Ghent and he held also the title of Music Director of the Tokyo International Music Festival.

Brossé is best known for his collaborations with Belgian director Stijn Coninx. He composed the music for Hector (1987), Koko Flanel (1989), Daens (1993), When The Light Comes (1998) and Kavijaks (2005). Dirk Brossé is also known for conducting the music for the movies Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within and The Good Thief (with music by Elliot Goldenthal).[1] In 2009, Dirk Brossé conducted the music for Star Wars: A Musical Journey, a new project by Gary Lucas and John Williams.[2] In 2010, he conducted Star Wars: In Concert.


Dirk Brossé's musical studies were initially undertaken at the Royal Music Conservatory of Ghent and Brussels before focusing on conducting studies in Maastricht, Vienna and Cologne, gaining his conducting diploma from the Musikhochschule of Cologne.

Work as conductorEdit

Dirk Brossé has been invited to conduct many of Belgian's major orchestras, including the Flemish Radio Orchestra (VRT) and the National Orchestra of Belgium.

Abroad he has conducted the Milan Symphony Orchestra, the Volgograd Philharmonic Orchestra, the Philharmonic Orchestra of Shanghai, London Philharmonic Orchestra, the Elgin Orchestra of Chicago, the Camerata St Petersburg, the Ulster Orchestra of Northern Ireland, the Orquestra Metropolitana de Lisboa and the National Orchestras of Venezuela, Colombia and Ecuador.

In 2001 he started working with The Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra, The London Symphony Orchestra and The KBS Symphonic Orchestra of Seoul.

Film and Musical worksEdit

His works include songs, symphonic works, oratorios, chamber music and music for the theatre and film. Among his 20 distinctive film scores for award-winning films are "Daens" (Academy Award nomination 1993), "When the Light Comes", "A Peasant's Psalm", "Marie" (Nominated Overall Winner in the French Film Section at the Venice Film Festival in 1994) and the classic silent film "Visages d'Enfants".

Artists with whom he has collaborated in performance include clarinetist Sabine Meyer, cellist Julian Lloyd Webber, the singers Sinéad O'Connor, Anne Cambier, Guy de Mey, Claron McFadden, Derek Lee Ragin, and, the renowned Hans Zimmer, Toots Thielemans, Howard Shore (for The Aviator) and Youssou N'Dour.

Dirk Brossé added a new dimension to the wide range of his oeuvre with his scoring of the musical "Wikipedia:Sacco & Vanzetti" commissioned by the Theatre of the Royal Ballet of Flanders in 1996. With 92 critically acclaimed performances in the Netherlands and Belgium, this dramatic study of minority victims in a hyper-patriotic state, is now scheduled to appear on New York's Broadway.

Brossé wrote also the score for the musical based on the world-famous cartoon character "Tintin" created by Hergé, which premiered in September 2001 in Belgium.

Dirk Brossé has been granted the title 'Cultural Ambassador of Flanders'. In 1999 Brossé was invited by the City Council of Shanghai, to conduct the Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra in performances marking the 50th Anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China.

Selected worksEdit

Film, Theatre and Musical scoresEdit

  • 1983 Reigen (by Arthur Schnitzler) (theater)
  • 1986 Springen (by Jean Pierre De Decker)
  • 1986 Marc and Nathalie (by Roland Verhaevert)
  • 1988 Visages d'enfants (by Jaques Feyder)
  • 1988 Boerenpsalm (by Roland Verhaevert)
  • 1988 The Mystery Of The Lamb (by Frederic Duchau)
  • 1989 Koko Flanel (by Stijn Coninx)
  • 1989 Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme (musical)
  • 1990 Till Eulenspiegel (by Charles De Coster) (theater)
  • 1991 In The Summer House (by Jane Bowles)
  • 1992 Daens (by Stijn Coninx)
  • 1993 Als het leven een nieuwe wending neemt (by Serge Leurs)
  • 1993 Oost-Vlaanderen, schat van een provincie (by Frank Van Laecke)
  • 1993 Marie (by Marian Handwerker)
  • 1995 A Forest Is A Symphony (by WWF)
  • 1996 Sacco and Vanzetti (musical)
  • 1997 When The Lights Comes (by Stijn Coninx)
  • 2000 Mijn eerste Sjeekspier (by Douglas Boswell)
  • 2001 Tintin, le temple du Soleil (musical)
  • 2001 Follow Me (by Francesca Marti)
  • 2001 Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within (by Hironobu Sakaguchi) (only as conductor)
  • 2002 Music and Fly (by Francesca Marti)
  • 2002 The Good Thief (by Neil Jordan) (as conductor)
  • 2004 Romance (by Douglas Boswell)
  • 2005 Bonkers (by Martin Koolhoven)
  • 2006 Knetter
  • 2007 De Kavijaks (by Stijn Coninx)
  • 2007 Brod Ludaka (by Matthias Lebeer)
  • 2008 Samaritan
  • 2008 Daens (musical)

Concert music - Symphonic worksEdit

  • 1986 On Safari
  • 1990 Bacob Overture
  • 1991 Music in Mycology
  • 1992 Ouvertura
  • 1992 La Soledad de America Latina
  • 1995 Flanders international Film Festival Overture
  • 1995 Artesia - Symphony Nr. 1
  • 1995 Daens Suite
  • 1996 Bit by Bit
  • 1996 Principals
  • 1996 Le Nozze di Sacco
  • 1997 The Birth of Music - Symphony Nr. 2
  • 1997 Light Main Theme
  • 1999 Millennium Overture
  • 1999 Inferno

Fanfare and orchestral worksEdit

  • 1986 7 Inch Framed
  • 1987 Oscar for amnesty
  • 1989 El Golpe Fatal
  • 1989 Elegy for a lost Friend
  • 1992 La Soledad de America Latina
  • 1992 Music for a Celebration
  • 1995 And the winner is...
  • 1999 War Concerto for Clarinet and Symphonic-Band
  • 1999 Elegy
  • 2000 Milestone Overture
  • 2002 Tintin - Prisoners of the Sun


  • 1994 Landuytcyclus
  • 1995 La Vida es un Sueño
  • 2000 Beauty to the Surface brought
  • 2003 I loved you
  • 2009 Claron Sings Brossé-Crazy Diamonds


  • 2000 Juanelo Charles V

Choir musicEdit

  • 2003 Cogito, Ergo Sum

Conducted worksEdit


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