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The Disciples of Shaa were an ancient group of Seylotts living on the planet of the same name. They worshiped Shaa, who they embodied in two statues, the Mother and Infant of Shaa. The statues were closely guarded by the Disciples, who feared that if the power of the statue was unleashed, it could destroy an entire planet, earning it the name "Destroyer of Worlds".

Shortly before the Clone Wars, General Ashaar Khorda employed Jango Fett to retrieve the statue of the Infant. Khorda hoped to use the Infant's power to destroy or, from Ashaar's point of view, euthanize Coruscant and the Galactic Republic. Succeeding in attaining the statue, Fett was convinced by his rival and contemporary Zam Wesell to return the statue in order to save Coruscant. After reattaining the statue, the bounty hunters returned it to the Disciples.



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