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The Disciples of the Whills were a Force-worshipping organization whose members wore simple red robes. At the time of Operation Fracture, they were the oldest faith to be still active on Jedha, although they were less demonstrably active in their practices than the Guardians of the Whills. Angber Trel, a male human, was a Disciple. Silvanie Phest was a female member of an Anomid colony that converted to become Disciples of the Whills.[1]

They preferred to listen and try to understand the will of the Force, while the Guardians of the Whills preferred to sense the Force and its presence.

Angber Trel

They believed that both the light and dark side of the Force were valuable. For the light to exist there must be dark. For the Force there must be balance.[3]

Among their practises on Jedha was counted the act of collecting alms for the poor and singing their prayers at the Temple of the Kyber.[1] Additionally, the Disciples ran, (or at least supported) an orphanage that looked after the many orphans that appeared in the wake of the escalating violence on Jedha during the imperial occupation.[3]



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