The Discovery of Korriban[2] was the arrival of the Exiles to the Sith homeworld of Korriban. Following the defeat of the Dark Jedi at the Battle of Corbos, the Jedi banished a number of captives to uncharted space aboard a starship. The captives were known as the Exiles, an assortment of Dark Jedi led by high-ranking Force-sensitives such as Remulus Dreypa, Ajunta Pall, Karness Muur, XoXaan, and Sorzus Syn. With the guidance of the latter, the Exiles' flight into the unknown was not without direction; after years of cataloging rumors and extracting information from refugees, Syn eventually led the Dark Jedi to the planet Korriban. The twelve surviving Exiles made landing at the Valley of Sleeping Kings on the world, and they were greeted by the native Sith people.[1]

Sorzus Syn later wrote of the event in her chronicle, which was later collected by Darth Sidious into his Book of Sith.[1] An account of the Discovery of Korriban was also recorded in scripture and existed as a memorabilia of the reconstituted Sith Empire.[2]

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