Disorder is the sixth cinematic trailer released by BioWare for the video game Star Wars: The Old Republic, and serves as a trailer for the Legacy of the Sith expansion. It was released on February 15, 2022,[2] alongside the expansion.[3]

Official description[]

Jedi Master Denolm Orr and his Padawan, Sa'har Kateen, travel to the Temple of Nul on Elom to retrieve a special holocron before the Sith Empire can. They seem to have the upperhand, until an unexpected enemy appears…[2]


"We wanted to not only tell some of the backstory of the game, but also show what kind of game it is. It's a game about characters. It's a game about making moral decisions and facing difficult odds."
―Charles Boyd[4]

Unlike previous Star Wars: The Old Republic cinematic trailers, which were animated by Blur Studio, Disorder was created by Industrial Light & Magic. The short was directed by Neel Upadhye,[1] who had previously worked with the computer animation studio on Hunted, a cinematic trailer for the 2020 game Star Wars: Squadrons.[5] Upadhye wrote the short alongside a team of writers, including Alex Backes, Josh Callahan, Tanner Boyajian, and Sam Schectman.[1]

Charles Boyd, creative director of The Old Republic, stated that the goal of Disorder was twofold: the short serves to give backstory for the Legacy of the Sith expansion, but also to demonstrate the difficult moral decisions that players of the MMORPG had experienced over the previous ten years of the game's lifespan.[4] According to Callahan, Disorder's writers aimed to tell a story that did not paint the Jedi Order as perfect heroes, and instead chose to illustrate them as flawed individuals.[6][7]

Disorder premiered on February 15, 2022, the same day that the Legacy of the Sith expansion was released.[4]


"I've always said, to prepare for the future, we must look to the past."
―Denolm Orr, prior to his travel to Elom[8]

The events of Disorder's story were teased in Mission Abstract: Investigate link between Darth Malgus and the planet Elom, a short story written as an in-universe report by Jedi Master Denolm Orr. While investigating clues, Orr discovers that Malgus' plans likely point to the planet Elom, and so he plans to seek out the truth with Kateen and a small team.[8] As a trailer for Legacy of the Sith, Disorder serves to set up the journeys of the expansion's major characters, namely Old Republic mainstay Malgus as well as the new character Sa'har.[4]

As previous Old Republic cinematics had done, Disorder draws connections to the Star Wars Skywalker Saga films. A Chroon-Tan B-Machine midwife droid appears in the short, having first been seen in Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith. Another reference to Episode III appears in musical form, with the short's composer Blake Robinson reusing a portion of "Anakin's Dark Deeds" from John Williams' score for that film.[9] This particular piece had previously been used in the Old Republic cinematics Deceived, Hope, and Return.[10][11][12] In addition to Revenge of the Sith references, the short may also contain a connection to Star Wars: Episode VIII The Last Jedi, as one of Kateen's maneuvers has been noted to resemble a "saber drop" performed by Rey in the sequel trilogy film.[6]


The short was met with positivity, with writers like Collider's Hilary Remley calling Disorder a "stunning" trailer that centers around "the consequences of power."[13] James Whitbrook of Gizmodo also praised the short, both for its "gloriously gorgeous" CGI as well as for what he perceived as a critique of the Jedi Order's actions in previous Star Wars stories. He described the short as depicting an awakening for the characters "to the fact that [the Jedi Order's] systems fail the Knights, Masters, and Padawans it intends to serve."[6]


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  • Directed by – Neel Upadhye[1]
  • Produced by – Chris Beckett, Sean Tomek[1]
  • Written by – Neel Upadhye, Alex Backes, Josh Callahan, Tanner Boyajian, Sam Schectman[1]
  • Music by – Blake Robinson[1]
  • Sound Design by – Source Sound, Inc.[1]
  • Stunt Choreography by – Derron Ross[1]
  • Animation by Industrial Light & Magic[1]



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