A disruptor rifle

"This ain't no simple blaster rifle here. You got yourself a full-blown, first class disruptor."
―A shady dealer[src]

A disruptor rifle was a vicious and devastating weapon that disintegrated its target. It tore apart its victim at the molecular level, destroying their body tissues and bypassing most sorts of personal energy shields.

A disruptor weapon shot a constant beam of energy that would travel in a straight direction until it hit solid matter, so this made disruptors very popular as sniping weapons, and most types of disruptor were manufactured with built in scopes. The use of disruptor weapons was illegal in the Republic, and therefore was usually associated with shadier organizations, such as crime syndicates and Mandalorians, and the weapons became prime smuggling objects, as they were highly valued in taboo areas. The weapon was also utilized by Tyber Zann and his Consortium to defeat the enemies he faced in his campaign for corruption. One of the most popular disruptor rifle models was the Tenloss DXR-6. A smaller version of the disruptor rifle was the disruptor pistol, which was lighter and smaller but still almost as deadly as its larger cousin.

Dash Rendar used a different type of the disruptor rifle. This was not a weapon used for sniping. It shot a small green plasma ball that exploded and did a large amount of damage. It was much like a miniature seismic charge, as it distorted sound and its explosion had a distinct horizontal shock wave.

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