Distant Wind was a modified XS-800 light freighter from Corellian Engineering Corporation. It was owned by Sullustan gamester Cunbus Locb.


The Distant Wind was a property of Cunbus Locb, a Sullustan gambler who traveled through several planetary systems in the Parmel, Portmoak and Quence sectors during the Galactic Civil War, making a good deal of money, but also some enemies.

During this time, Locb invested part of his earnings in customized improvements for his ship, including better shields, weapons (such as an additional laser cannon), and engines (increasing its atmospheric speed in 50 km/h). Locb also added four hidden smuggling compartments in the ship's common room.

Lastly, he augmented the Wind's sensor array to detect several credit-sized scanners Locb carried with him. The Sullustan strategically placed the scanners in any room he was to play cards at, and then the ship's array could report him the cards other players were holding.


Distant Wind (not pictured) was an XS-800 like this one.

Circa 1 BBY, Locb discovered that Moff Ammar of Portmoak sector, a noted art collector, owned the well-known Chandrilan flatsculp "Stars and Moons". Locb prepared a scheme to trick Ammar and get the flatsculp. He also created a forgery of the artwork and hid it in one of the ship's smuggling compartments, intending to swap it with the original should his scheme failed.

Locb succeeded in winning the piece using cheats, and he hid his prize in another smuggling compartment. However, Ammar discovered the trick and Locb was threatened and killed. Ammar seized the Wind and inspected it thoroughly, but he did not find anything. He finally sent the ship to an open auction.