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The Diversity Alliance was an anti-Human and Anti-Jedi terrorist group that sprung up after the Galactic Civil War. Led by the Twi'lek Nolaa Tarkona, the Diversity Alliance quickly spread from Ryloth across the galaxy, rallying support from non-Humans who felt oppressed after decades of Imperial rule. However, Tarkona also planned on using bioterrorism to attack Humans once she learned of and secured the Emperor's plague storehouse. A colony on Gammalin was destroyed by one such plague, but the Jedi intervened and destroyed the storehouse. Tarkona herself perished after being infected by a Twi'lek-specific disease and the Diversity Alliance quickly collapsed in the face of a New Republic fleet, ending their fighting on Ryloth.


"We have one true enemy: the New Republic, the humans... those who would deny us our rights as sentient beings."
―Nolaa Tarkona[1]

The Diversity Alliance was formed as a result of the injustices inflicted on non-Human species by the Humanocentric Galactic Empire's New Order.[2][3] A forerunner to the Diversity Alliance was the Alien Combine, which was formed in 3 ABY, but unwilling to take drastic actions such as terrorism. The Combine was wiped out by the Empire.[2]

Among the founders of the Diversity Alliance was Nolaa Tarkona, a Twi'lek from Ryloth. The Empire had enslaved numerous Twi'leks; her half-sister Oola had been sold as a slave to the Hutt crime lord Jabba Desilijic Tiure and was killed when he fed her to his pet rancor.[4] Not wanting to suffer the same fate as her sister, an enslaved Nolaa rose up against her masters and started a rebellion, with the result that she overthrew the Ryloth government and became the first female Twi'lek leader in galactic history. Any Twi'lek that didn't follow Nolaa's ideals were killed, exiled, or sent to work in the ryll mines.[5]


Rise of the Diversity Alliance[]

"They were fervent and idealistic. And so was I. I admired what they stood for."

Nolaa Tarkona, the charismatic leader of the Diversity Alliance.

Soon afterwards, Nolaa started the Diversity Alliance (using Ryloth's ryll profits to finance herself) and spread her message of alien unity to many species across the galaxy. She held many rallies on several alien worlds where she whipped up support for the Alliance.[7][3] Many aliens joined her including Wookiees, Quarren, Ugnaughts, Trandoshans, Duros, and Chironians. From the outside, the Diversity Alliance seemed like a peaceful aliens-first movement, but it was actually a violent anti-Human terrorist organization.[2]

Their activities ranged from coming to the aid of aliens, rescuing alien slaves, sabotage, piracy, overthrowing Human or pro-Human governments on predominantly alien worlds, and propagating their message to aliens.[2] Their supporters included several leading alien politicians in the New Republic Senate, several local-level alien governments, the splinter United Council of Bith Musicians, which promised to play pro-Diversity Alliance and anti-Human songs while touring, and a sub-hive of the insectoid Bartokks.[4] Despite their anti-Human message, Nolaa made use of the services of a few Human bounty hunters like Ailyn Vel - disguised as her infamous father Boba Fett - and Dengar, though she regarded them with suspicion.[2][5]

The Emperor's Plague[]

"YES, I do have a plan. And I don't think the humans will enjoy it very much."
―Nolaa Tarkona[6]

In 24 ABY, an alien scavenger named Fonterrat discovered the Emperor's plague storehouse in the Deep Core. There was hidden within it a supply of deadly diseases created by General Evir Derricote almost two decades ago. Though the Galactic Empire had been defeated, this plague warehouse still remained with its supplies of deadly diseases. Fonterrat offered to sell a navicomputer module containing information to Nolaa Tarkona knowing of their hatred of Humans, though he refused to deal directly with her, suggesting that she send a neutral party to meet him on Kuar.[2]

When negotiating, he also provided her with one sample of the virus which she use to seal his payment. The neutral party turned out to be a wealthy Human merchant and shipping tycoon named Bornan Thul (who owned Bornaryn Trading). In exhange for the navicomputer module that contained the coordinates for the asteroid, Bornan paid with a timelocked case filled with credits.[4]

Bornan was then supposed to deliver it to Nolaa at a trade conference on Shumavar but he found out about what lay within the plague warehouse and went into hiding. Enraged, Nolaa hired numerous bounty hunters to locate Thul and bring back the navicomputer. Among those bounty hunters was Ailyn Vel.[4][2]

Nolaa Tarkona incites support among the Chromans of Chroma Zed.

The Jedi Intervene[]

"I had never stopped to think exactly what I was willing to do for the cause I believed in. Was I willing to kill? And if so, what must the victim's crime be to deserve death? Should I judge each one, or could I trust my leader to judge them for me?"
―Lusa recounting her experiences to the Jedi[6]

Later, Bornan's son Raynar Thul (who attended Master Luke Skywalker's Jedi Praxeum of Yavin 4) went to find his father with the help of his classmates Jacen, Jaina Solo, Tenel Ka, the Wookiee Lowbacca, and his translation droid M-TD. They searched his last known locations stretching from ancient ruined worlds including Ziost to the droid foundry world of Mechis III.[2]

Fonterrat also went to the all-Human colony on Gammalin where he unintentionally used the plague to wipe out the population. Before the plague had taken its effect, Fonterrat was imprisoned by the colonists. Since the plague had wiped out every one on the colony other than Fonterrat, he died in his cell of starvation since there was no one to take care of him.[2] Meanwhile, Nolaa Tarkona continued her crusade to whip up support among the alien species of the galaxy by visiting the Chromans of Chroma Zed where she recalled Imperial oppression.[2]

Secrets Exposed[]

"Now working for the Diversity Alliance gives meaning to their pitiful lives."
Hovrak commenting on several kidnapped Human slaves[1]

Later, Lowbacca was recruited into the Alliance by the female Wookiee Raabakyysh and traveled to their headquarters of Ryloth to learn more about them.[5] Meanwhile, the Human Zekk - a friend of the Jedi - rescued Bornan from bounty hunters and learned the reason he had disappeared and the top-secret Imperial plague warehouse. Bornan also revealed that Boba Fett (actually Ailyn Vel) had sliced into his ship's navicomputer and stolen the coordinates of the plague warehouse. Ailyn Vel then presented this information to Nolaa, who wished to unleash a Human-specific plague upon the galaxy.[5]

Feeling that Lowbacca only knew the public face of the Diversity Alliance and not the hidden anti-Human sentiment, Lowie's Jedi companions traveled to Ryloth only to get arrested by the local authorities and put to work in the dangerous ryll mines of Ryloth. These mines were worked on by Human slaves who were pilots or smugglers that crossed the Alliance or kidnapped captives taken from small spacecraft in neighboring systems. Conditions in these mines were harsh with slaves being worked to death and given little food or rest.[2]

However, Lowbacca soon learned what had befallen of his Human companions through Raabakyysh. The enraged Wookiee turned against the Diversity Alliance and helped them escape the harsh terrain of the planet and zealous Diversity Alliance troops. The Jedi also discovered that the Diversity Alliance was stockpiling weapons for its war against Humans. They in turn were rescued by Zekk, Luke Skywalker, and Lusa (a Chironian who had left the Diversity Alliance over the death of her Talz friend). The Jedi then fled offworld to the galactic capital of Coruscant.[2]

The Alliance Collapses[]

"Aliens have shed alien blood! But for what? Did you gain peace? Freedom from tyranny? No! The search for revenge has only brought you death and given you cause to distrust each other. Isn't this exactly what the Diversity Alliance promised to prevent?"
―Kur speaking to Diversity Alliance members during the fighting on Ryloth[8]

This incident attracted galacticwide publicity and a special session was held at the New Republic Senate to deal with it. There, before thousands of Senators and representatives, Luke requested that an inspection team be sent to Ryloth to investigate reports of Diversity Alliance aggression.[9] When word of this reached Nolaa Tarkona, she ordered one of her trusted friends, the Devaronian Kambrea, to entertain the inspection team and cover up the evidence of Alliance aggression. She also prepared a fleet to go the plague warehouse.[9]

Jacen Solo fights to defend the Emperor's plague storehouse.

Meanwhile, after recording an encrypted message to his wife Aryn Dro Thul explaining their plan, Bornan, Raynar, Zekk, Jacen and Jaina Solo, Tenel Ka, and Lowbacca gathered up explosives and went to the warehouse with the intent to destroy it. They were almost finished wiring when Diversity Alliance ships arrived. In the ensuing confrontation with Tarkona in the warehouse, some of the plague canisters busted open, including a Human-specific virus. Bornan sacrificed himself so the plague would not spread, and told Raynar to get himself and his friends off the asteroid.[9]

Meanwhile in space, a New Republic fleet under Han Solo defeated the Diversity Alliance fleet. However, Nolaa Tarkona managed to escape though she would later die on a distant asteroid from a Twi'lek-specific disease. Meanwhile on Ryloth, fighting took place when the New Republic inspection team discovered stockpiles of weapons. However, the fighting was stopped by the Twi'lek Kur whom convinced the Alliance soldiers that they had been misguided, and that both Humans and aliens should work together. This ended the Diversity Alliance which collapsed with the death of Nolaa.[9]


"If you Diversity Alliance troopers know what's good for you, you'll give up right now!"
Tyko Thul towards the end of the decisive Battle of the Emperor's Plague Storehouse[8]

Following the collapse of the Diversity Alliance, the Cooperative Council of Independent Planetary Governments was formed to promote cooperation between the species of the New Republic and to undo the wrongs of the New Order. Kur was also appointed as the head of Ryloth's new government which dispatched two representatives to represent Ryloth in the New Republic Senate: one male and one female.[9]

Delegations from every species on every world that had been aligned with the Diversity Alliance were also brought in for meetings with the Chief of State Leia Organa Solo on the capital of Coruscant. The investigation team assigned to investigate the Diversity Alliance also informed the Senate about information obtained from interviewing former members of the Alliance, including finding out why they joined. Lowie's droid M-TD would provide translations during these interviews since he was fluent in over 16 different languages.[9]

The news of the Alliance's collapse also reached the entire galaxy. Lowie's sister Sirrakuk also became a liaison to war-torn worlds and to investigate and report any incident of violations of sentient rights. The young Jedi trainees which had played a major role in the defeat of the Diversity Alliance would return to the Jedi Praxeum.[9] Later, the threat posed by the Alliance would be considered little to that posed by the extragalactic Yuuzhan Vong which instigated the Yuuzhan Vong War in 25 ABY.

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