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"Thank you for your report, Colonel. I hope your division will show improved performance in the weeks to come. You may go."
Emperor Palpatine, to Colonel Barokki after the latter was Force choked[src]

A division was a type of military unit of varying size in the Galactic Republic, Galactic Empire, Rebel Alliance and the First Order. During the Clone Wars, the 181st Armor Division of the Galactic Republic was active.[1] The 224th Imperial Armored Division of the Empire was previously the 224th Division under the Galactic Republic.[2] The Confederacy of Independent Systems utilized armor divisions.[3]

Colonel Barokki had command of a division with reportedly weak performance in the early reign of the Empire.[4] The Alliance Fleet maintained several naval divisions during the Galactic Civil War.[5] During the Battle of Takodana, Kylo Ren ordered his stormtrooper division to withdraw upon the capture of Rey and the arrival of the Resistance.[6]

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