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Divtos were dangerous three-headed serpents native to the forest moon of Endor.

Biology and appearanceEdit

They reached an average length of three meters, but a mature divto could be as long as 4.5 meters. They would ambush prey in tall grass, striking with all three heads in rapid succession to deliver a paralytic venom. Once the venom took effect, the snake would drag its prey into the deep forest to be eaten at leisure.

Fully mature divtos were difficult to kill because each head possessed a small brain, with a central brain at the base of the three necks coordinating bodily motion. Bilaterally symmetrical organs in the main body and two outer necks allowed these creatures to survive wounds fatal to other species. However, the loss of the central head always resulted in death.

Divtos in the galaxyEdit

Although they evolved on Endor, Divtos could be found on other worlds with varying coloration. Endor's divtos tended towards a dull brown or bands of red and black stripes along their bodies. Off-world varieties featured more spectacular colors, such as gold, blue, and bright green. On Mimban, otherwise known as Circarpous V, one variety had a transparent hide and a large hood behind each head. Divtos molted every three or four standard years. These skins have found use in apparel.



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