Dixon Dadeferron was the owner of the Kail Ranges and a critic of the Corporate Sector Authority. He was the father of two sons, Trevim and Torm, the former of whom would inherit the Ranges in the event of Dixon's death. In the wake of the death of his sons' mother, Dixon, Trevim and Torm visited Maryo, a resort world. At this time, unbeknownst to Dixon, Torm was approached by agents of the Authority and agreed to spy on Dixon and Trevim for them.

Dixon and Trevim were kidnapped shortly thereafter and were imprisoned at the Authority's Stars' End prison facility. Now in complete control of the Ranges, and in debt to the Authority, Torm infiltrated the leadership of a group dedicated to finding missing individuals like Dixon and Trevim. Torm's efforts to undermine the group were foiled by Han Solo, who liberated Dixon and Trevim from Stars' End, among several other prisoners.



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