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"The Bith see the poetry in the mathematics of music; I see the poetry in the mathematics of money."
―Djas Puhr[src]

Djas Puhr was a male Sakiyan bounty hunter active during the Age of the Empire.


Few knew the past of Djas Puhr,[2] a male Sakiyan[1] who left his homeworld. It was rumored that he was an ex-slave, who had climbed out of the slave pits of Hutt Cartel gangster Jabba Desilijic Tiure; whatever the reason, Puhr harbored a hatred towards the crime lord that led to a refusal to take bounties from his organization.[2]


In 0 BBY, Puhr was present in the spaceport of Mos Eisley on the planet Tatooine.[3] He was known to frequent Chalmun's Cantina, where he considered himself a regular. The bounty hunter often sat with Myo, Muftak, and Kabe.[2]

Around this time, he was hired by Myo to retrieve a valuable kloo horn, which he had won in a card game from Lirin Car'n the night before before becoming intoxicating and losing it himself. Car'n, a member of the Modal Nodes house band and the son of the horn's previous owner, the late, great Lirin D'avi, desperately needed money to pay off a debt to Rodian bounty hunter Greedo, and also hired Puhr, promising to pay two hundred credits to retrieve it.[2]

Muftak drinking

Myo, Muftak, Lirin Car'n, and Djas Puhr at their table in the cantina

The Sakiyan easily found the horn, which had been stolen by Muftak and Kabe and sold in order to pay their rent, and acquired it from the Scrapper. After a brief confrontation with Han Solo and Chewbacca (whom he warned about the bounty on their heads), he returned to his regular table. After the arrival of his other companions, the heated conversation led to the realization that much of the treachery of the group's complicated caper stemmed from Solo's failure to deliver his cargo of narcotics to Muftak. Puhr made a wager on Solo's life, promising to pay off the group's various debts himself should Solo live through Greedo's attempt to collect his bounty that same day.[2]

After his henchmen, Cornelius Evazan and Ponda Baba, were incapacitated, Greedo's attempt failed.[3] Puhr, content with the outcome of the situation and the justice of the universe, seemingly-miraculously produced Car'n's kloo horn, defusing the situation.[2]

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Djas Puhr was a skilled tracker, and was able to retrieve the kloo horn of Lirin D'avi for the latter's son, Lirin Car'n, from a Scrapper. Puhr was also able to analyze a given situation and, when he wished to do so, wager on the outcome, sometimes just to consider the philosophy behind it.[2]



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