"Do No Harm" is a short story written by Erin Endom that was originally published in Star Wars Adventure Journal 10 by West End Games in May 1996. It was later compiled in the short-story anthology Tales from the Empire, which was published by Bantam Spectra in November 1997. It was later archived online at Hyperspace on September 11, 2006.

Plot summary[]

Doctor Aurin Leith is summoned to Commander Briessen's office and informed that she is getting assigned to temporary detached duty with Lieutenant Koris Haslam's team. The mission is to infiltrate Selnesh Imperial Detention Center and rescue a captured Rebel Alliance leader Gebnerret Vibrion. However, due to Vibrion's medical condition of Zithrom's syndrome, she is informed she may have to euthanize the prisoner to prevent him from suffering or revealing important information during interrogation.

She reports to the briefing and meets the rest of the team: Melenna Seltrayne, Gowan Ch'lessan, Barsoulentinial Enkhet, and Liak. Haslam explains the plan of rescuing Vibrion if possible, eliminating him if necessary. After walking through the plan, Haslam dismisses the other members of the team and has a private conversation with Leith. She asks how it will be handled if she cannot get Vibrion well enough to travel. The lieutenant admits he would rather have a medical droid because it could be programmed to eliminate the patient without any compunctions. Haslam asks if the doctor could give Vibrion something that would quickly and easily kill him, but Leith refuses. She states her medical oath of "First, do no harm." Haslam resigns himself to the fact that he may have to shoot the man. Leith offers to give Vibrion a dose of conergin which would knock the prisoner out and make it more humane.

Once on the way to Selnesh, Leith spends time checking her medpac and getting used to wearing a hold-out blaster that was given to her by Seltrayne. They arrive at the planet and enter the prison facility. Leith nervously poses as a prisoner and is escorted to a cell. Haslam bluffs the guards, stating he is actually part of Intelligence and tells them he needs to be alone with the prisoners so he can interrogate them. They leave and Gowan disables the security cams. He also slices into the computer to find out what cell Vibrion is being held in. Gowan stays behind to continue to work on the computer, and the rest of the team heads to Vibrion's cell. Haslam opens it and Leith quickly begins to triage the prisoner. She administers Clondex and monitors the prisoner's vital signs. After getting Vibrion stabilized, the team leaves and uses a repair access tunnel to make their way back to the docking bay.

As the team works its way through the tunnels, Leith begins to relax but Seltrayne starts to get aggravated, worried that they are taking too long and will be discovered. The team gets near to the docking bay, and prepares to make a break for their shuttle. Vibrion sits down and Leith tends to him. As she does, she notices some stormtroopers sneaking up on the group. She draws her blaster and fires at the first stormtrooper, taking him down. The rest of the team quickly realizes they are under attack and also fire at the stormtroopers. The team is able to eliminate the stormtroopers, and fight their way to their shuttle. They escape to safety. On the flight back, Leith ruminates about killing the stormtrooper. Ch'lessan comforts her, explaining that in war people die and that the medic did what she had to do. After returning to base, Leith was awarded the Field Achievement Award.


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