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"Maka tanu!"
―Doallyn rushes to intercept Chewbacca and Organa[3]

Doallyn was a Geranite male hunter who served the crime lord Jabba Desilijic Tiure.[2] In the year 4 ABY,[4] Doallyn was present in the court room of Jabba's Palace on the planet Tatooine when the rebels Leia Organa and Chewbacca arrived in the palace, with Organa disguised as the bounty hunter Boushh. Doallyn rushed up the stairs leading into the court room to intercept the pair, but got too close to Chewbacca, who threw the hunter against the wall at the base of the stairs. Doallyn then fell to the floor before pulling himself up to sit on the stairs as Organa and Chewbacca stepped past him into the court room to speak with Jabba.[3] Doallyn was easily identifiable by the large black helmet that covered his entire head.[2] He also wore black clothing and spoke in a language other than Galactic Basic Standard.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

Doallyn first appeared in the 1983 original trilogy film, Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi.[3] The character first received a name in the current canon in the 2018 reference book Star Wars: Geektionary: The Galaxy from A - Z, although the name Doallyn originated from the 1996 Star Wars Legends story Skin Deep: The Fat Dancer's Tale, which was written by A. C. Crispin.[5]


Helmet worn by both Brock Starsher and Doallyn


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