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Doan was a planet in the Outer Rim Territories. Doan was colonized by Humans sometime before 10,980 BBY. Scattered across the surface were five kilometer tall natural columns of stone that were several hundred meters in diameter. The plateaus on the surface of these columns were covered in mansions, castles, and palaces which overlooked the rest of the surface below.

The sole industry on Doan was mining. It was ruled by a group of nobles, the Doan Royal House, while most of its population were miners who lived in poverty. In 980 BBY, a war erupted between the planet's nobles and the mining caste after the Prince Gerran was accidentally killed by the miners, who had been attempting to force his airspeeder into an emergency landing.

Three months later, Gerran's widow, Princess Serra, had Darth Bane captured and taken to the Stone Prison on Doan, where she interrogated him. However, he escaped and was confronted by his apprentice, Darth Zannah. After a brief duel they were separated and forced to flee as Serra initiated the prison's self-destruct sequence, causing the entire underground complex to collapse.



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