Dob Moomo was a male Ithorian and the brother of Del. Dob always wore a green scarf, while Del always wore red. During the Mandalorian Wars they worked as bounty hunters (referred to as the Moomo Brothers), although their success rate was low.


At a young age the brothers were expelled from the herd for its own safety.[1] When they left home, their mother sent Dob to watch over his brother so he wouldn't hurt himself. He wondered why their mother would even care.

In 3963 BBY Raana Tey hired them to watch Arvan Carrick on Telerath in an effort to lure the Jedi Zayne Carrick out. The pair grew tired of watching and thought it better to simply capture him. As this was not part of the plan, they were both scolded by Raana Tey afterwards. Frustrated, Dob and Del took it out on each other, getting into a short fight. Dob managed to beat his brother and ordered him to watch their bounty while he went out drinking.

While at a local bar, Dob was approached by Marn Hierogryph. Gryph convinced Dob (who was drunk) to hand Zayne Carrick over himself, not including Del in on the deal. Zayne managed to beat Dob to his ship, the Moomo Williwaw, and release his father. However, Grpyh exposed Dob's betrayal when he brought a disguised Camper to the ship and called out for Dob. Zayne caused a box to hit Dob, replaying an old incident from Bogden. Dob and Del fought each other again as Zayne and Arvan escaped.

The Moomo brothers were later hired by Jervo Thalien, the head of Lhosan Industries, to grab Marn Hierogryph off the streets of Chandrila, so they could together to track down Senator Gorravus on Mandalorian-occupied Taris. Thalien also provided them with the location of Zayne Carrick at Omonoth. Dob took the Moomo Williwaw accompanied by Trandoshan Slyssk and helped Zayne and his friends escape the collapsing Arkanian Legacy. Upon returning to Taris, Dob stayed aboard the ship in orbit. When Taris Resistance was ambushed by Cassus Fett, Constable Noana Sowrs paid Del and Dob to take her children to Alderaan. After they completed the task, they returned to pick up Zayne and Gryph from Jebble.

Just as everyone everyone on board, they pledged to help Zayne clear his name and expose the Jedi Covenant. They took their ship to Odryn, where Jarael disguised herself as Celeste Morne and the Moomo Brothers - as muscle hired to carry a crate, supposedly holding the Muur Talisman, but it was actually their laundry hamper - with Zayne and Gryph inside. Once they entered the Sanctum of the Exalted, the Moomos decided to grab all the Sith artifacts they could hold, but Zayne stopped them, reminding that those things were extremely dangerous. But they didn't listen and discreetly stole a significant number of artifacts, which was a lucky break, as shortly after that Feln destroyed the Sanctum believing Zayne's friends were back to raid the Sanctum.

Del and Dob later flew the Moomo Williwaw to Coruscant, where the ship came under fire from the Republic blockade set up there. The ship was intercepted by Lance Squadron and Moomo Brothers opened defensive fire under strict order from Zayne not to shoot anybody. In order to get Zayne past the blockade, Jarael, Del, and Dob flew the ship into the hangar of the Swiftsure where they were promptly taken into custody. This provided the distraction needed to get Zayne, Gryph, and Slyssk down to the planet in another ship. After the end of Vindication, Del and Dob were officially paid by the Republic for bringing Zayne and Gryph in. Thereafter, the Moomos parted ways with Zayne's group once again.

Personality and traitsEdit

Dob, just like his brother Del, was obsessed with weapons of all kinds. They rarely used the same weapons twice, preferring to pull something new out of their collection. Though one might be reluctant to call either Moomo experts in anything, Dob was known for his vast knowledge and love of melee weapons.[1]

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John Jackson Miller pointed out an inconsistency in the scarfs of Del and Dob Moomo. In Reunion, Part 1, Dob wears a red scarf and has a scar across his eye while Del wears a blue scarf. However, in part 2, Dob wears a green scarf with no scar while Del wears a red one with a scar. Miller confirmed that the brother in the green scarf is Dob and the one in the red scarf is Del.[2][3] He mentioned that this would remain consistent should the two appear in future issues. The color of Dob's scarf in part 2 has been corrected in the trade paperback, however, all inconsistencies in the brothers' dialogue have not. Miller stated that in the end, it was just too convoluted to work out, basically telling readers to ignore the features that identify the two in Part 1.



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