Dobll was a group of four BFF-1 bulk freighters that transferred food during the Alliance to Restore the Republic's evacuation of its base on Yavin 4 when it was attacked by the Galactic Empire in 0 BBY. They accompanied Corvette Group Crescent in their evacuation of the base. However, they were all destroyed by Imperial Assault Gunboats.

The loss of food meant the Rebel Alliance needed supplies. This led them to Operation Grain Snatch which was stealing food from Overlord Ghorin and returning poisoned grain to the Galactic Empire.

Behind the scenesEdit

It may be possible to save at least some of the freighters in the gameplay. If the player increases the speed of their craft significantly, they can ward off the attackers before all four vessels are destroyed. However, the destruction of all four freighters is scripted and therefore is the canonical outcome of the attack.


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