The Docklands was the maritime district of the capital city of Vossport on the planet Weik.


A series of neighborhoods and quays along the Rimesea coast of Vossport, the Docklands never slept, bustling constantly with activity. Warehouses made of lumber stored shipments from across the planet, making Vossport the best place to find rare commodities from foreign lands. The Vossport City Guard maintained four blockhouses along the docks where they could send forth patrols to maintain some form of legality; despite this, smuggling was quite common. Out in the harbor stood the durasteel skeleton of the original colony ship that crashlanded on the planet and the colonists from which the population of Weik descended. Duros wind-ship captains often threw a bottle of brandy at the relic as a tribute to the first navigators lost to the sea.[1]


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