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"Do not be afraid, your friend is in quite capable hands. Doctor Nala Se is the Chief Medical Scientist on Kamino. She was one of the primary engineers of all the clones."
Shaak Ti, to Fives[1]

Doctor[11] (abbreviated as Dr.)[12] was a title used by physicians[11] or individuals who held an advanced degree in a medical or scientific field. They were generally considered an expert on a specific subject of study.[13]

Individuals who held the title of doctor included the Kaminoan scientist Nala Se,[1] Sionver Boll of the Galactic Republic,[14] the Separatist Nuvo Vindi,[2] the Mandalorian Zak Zaz,[15] and the Jedi Consular Rig Nema.[16] During the Clone Wars, clone medicsclone troopers who were trained as medics—were sometimes referred to as doctors.[1] Harter Kalonia was a doctor active with the Resistance during the Cold War who also held the rank of major.[5]

Aside from attending to physical and mental ailments, doctors of the Jedi Temple medical center were trained to aid Jedi who had lost their connection to the Force.[17]

At one point, Doctor Chelli Lona Aphra had her doctorate revoked by her father, Korin Aphra.[18] After the twilight of the Ordu Aspectu, he had her doctorate restored.[19]


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