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Doctor Aphra 12 is the twelfth issue of the Marvel comic book series Star Wars: Doctor Aphra. The comic was written by Kieron Gillen with art by Kev Walker and released on September 13, 2017.[1]

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Plot summary[]

Part IV
It is a period of opportunity. In a galaxy oppressed by
Imperial forces, there is little hope for the future. But
for those operating on the fringes, there is potential for

Rogue archaeologist Chelli Aphra has reactivated the Rur
Crystal, an artifact with the consciousness of an ancient
Jedi with powerful levels of technopathy, and she's
selling to the highest bidder.

Unfortunately, Aphra's auction gets derailed after her
droids – BeeTee and Triple-Zero – incite havoc after
taking control of the Rur Crystal and attacking the
attendees. As her guests begin battling for survival,
Aphra goes to confront the droids – only to meet her worst

Droid emancipation[]

Aboard the Sorca Retreat, the red droid leading the Cyban Front delegation issues a warning on a comlink to flee the station. However, Darth Vader corners him and uses the Force to shatter him into pieces. Lord Vader orders his stormtroopers to purge everyone.

As a horror stricken Dr Chelli Lona Aphra watches in horror, Triple Zero tells her that they had informed the Sith Lord of a gathering of "ne'er-do-wells" wanting to buy an ancient artifact but had neglected to inform him that Dr Aphra had organized the meeting. Realizing that Triple Zero is blackmailing her, she asks the assassin droid what he wants. Triple Zero tells her that he and BT-1 want to be emancipated so that they can kill anyone they want.

After exacting a promise from the droids not to kill her, Dr Aphra removes the programming that inhibits their personal autonomy, giving the droids full control over their weapons arsenal. Upholding his promise not to harm Dr Aphra, Triple Zero tells his former master that she was many things but she was never disrespectful and rarely boring. He promises to meet again. Dr Aphra remarks that Triple Zero and BT-1's antics are only compounding her troubles due to the presence of Lord Vader, the man she is most afraid of in the galaxy. Aphra rationalizes that this is a lesson.

Helping Black Krrsantan[]

Dr Aphra is soon surprised by Krrsantan, who enlists her help in preventing the Xonti Brothers from escaping by sealing the bay doors. The Wookiee enlists her help in hunting them down with the promise of escaping in their ship. To reach the hangar, Dr Aphra and Krrsantan travel through the domes since Imperial forces are clearing the lower decks. They stumble upon the wounded female Shadow University dean, who is being used as bait by Yonak and Sutha, which even Dr Aphra considers as barbaric. The dying Dean tells Dr Aphra to safeguard the Shadow University's ship, which contains priceless artifacts. Yonak and Sutha asks Dr Aphra to talk with them but she does not trust their intentions. She and Black Krrsatan flee blaster fire into the Xonti Brothers' hangar.

The Xonti Brothers find the hangar bay sealed and attempt to prepare explosives. While Dr Aphra and Krssantan are planning their assault, they encounter a damaged servant droid who asks if they would like a drink. Dr Aphra sends the servant droid out as bait and it is promptly blaster by the Xonti brothers. Dr Aphra approaches the Xonti Brothers and Kthoo-Ra under the pretext of seeking to parley with them. She proposes luring Black Krssantan into a trap. Just then the waiter asks if Kthoo-Ra would like a drink. The hulking alien dismisses the waiter droid as a dumb clanker but the droid offers an ion pulse bomb, which knocks Kthoo-Ra and the Xonti Brothers down.

Black Krrsantan resurfaces and mows the alien down with his blaster cannon. After reassuring Krssantan that she would never have sold him out, she and the Wookiee prepare to escape so that Black Krrsantan can satisfy his life debt to the Xonti Brothers. Dr Aphra then recalls that the Shadow University's ship is on the lower deck and decides to stay behind. She asks Black Krrsantan to talk her out of such a risky mission but he doesn't care and blasts off with the Xonti Brothers in tow.

Back into harm's way[]

Dr Aphra slices a datapad and diverts the stormtroopers onto the top of the dome. The stormtroopers ambush Yonak's party. She then uses the datapad to track down Eternal Rur, who slays Thomas Toov. Dr Aphra follows Eternal Rur and taunts him by asking if he is a "love-over-money kind of guy." Eternal Rur responds that he only loves to destroy those who mock him. She flees down a turbolift but he pursues her into the life lobby below. They run into the path of several stormtroopers who order them to lower their arms. However, Eternal Rur cuts them down.

Meanwhile, Darth Vader cuts down a defiant Ezaraa. A stormtrooper informs him of heavy resistance in the dome and the presence of a lightsaber–armed battle droid. Vader soon corners Eternal Rur and asks what manner of creature he is. Eternal Rur responds that he is the Alpha and Omega of the Ordu Aspectu and a Jedi Knight. Vader responds that he is a Sith Lord who has killed the Jedi and vows that none shall escape him. As the two cross blades, Dr Aphra hides behind rubble.


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