Doctor Aphra 36 is the thirty-sixth issue of the canon comic book series Star Wars: Doctor Aphra. It was written by Simon Spurrier, illustrated by Cris Bolson and Wilton Santos, and published on September 18, 2019 by Marvel Comics. The issue contains the story "Unspeakable Rebel Superweapon Part V," in which Minister Pitina Voor reveals her manipulation of the previous events.

Publisher's summary[]

UNSPEAKABLE REBEL SUPERWEAPON PART V! The sinister propagandists of the COALITION FOR PROGRESS keep a vast gallery of the EMPIRE'S priceless victory trophies – and notorious thief DOCTOR APHRA just got in. But she won't get the chance to pinch anything. She's here to be initiated into the web of secret schemes she's unwittingly tangled herself in. Can you say "coup"? (IF yes: don't. Round here, there's always someone listening)

Plot summary[]

Part V
Rogue archaeologist Doctor Aphra is known
across the galaxy as a brilliant scientist as
well as a thief and obtainer of ancient
valuable artifacts—which has earned her the
ire of both the Rebellion and Empire.

After Imperial Minister Pitina Voor placed a
bounty on her head and her sidekick, Vulaada,
Aphra offered the ancient Jedi weapon
called the FARKILLER to the Empire in
exchange for her protection, ruining the
rebels' plans to use the rifle to assassinate
the Emperor and end the war.

Now guests in Voor's headquarters, Aphra
and Vulaada have been shocked to discover
that Voor herself has been planning to overthrow the
Emperor herself....



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  • Bird (In flashback(s))
    • Nuna (In flashback(s))
  • Rancor (Appears in hologram)

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  2. The events of Doctor Aphra (2016) 36 are set between issues 22 and 40 of the Star Wars: Doctor Aphra comic-book series. In issue 22, Accresker Jail is decommissioned. Crimson Reign 3 states that Jeremoch Colton had been in the wreckage-prison for over three years when Madelin Sun visited him. Crimson Reign 3 issue also states that he was imprisoned after the capture of the Tantive IV, which Star Wars: Galactic Atlas dates to 0 BBY. The rebel base on Hoth is still intact during the events of Doctor Aphra 40, and Galactic Atlas dates the base's destruction to 3 ABY. Therefore, the events of Doctor Aphra 36 have to have occurred in that year.

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