Doctor Aphra 39 is the thirty-ninth, penultimate issue of the canon comic book series Star Wars: Doctor Aphra. It was written by Simon Spurrier, illustrated by Caspar Wijngaard, and published on November 27, 2019 by Marvel Comics.

The issue features the story "A Rogue's End Part III," in which Doctor Aphra is captured by Magna Tolvan's Rebel Alliance strike team.

Publisher's summary[]

A ROGUE'S END PART 3: SOME LIKE IT HOTHDOCTOR APHRA has so far failed to seize the secret location of the NEW REBEL BASE… but that hasn't stopped the rebels seizing HER…After all the bad blood and countless betrayals, does any love linger between Aphra and her new captor, Rebel Captain MAGNA TOLVAN? But with DARTH VADER himself keeping tabs on her progress, will Aphra see in Tolvan one last, seducible opportunity to sell-out the future of the galaxy, and save her own skin?

Plot summary[]

Part III
Doctor Aphra and her sidekick of sorts,
Vulaada, are finally back in good favor with the
Empire…but they're still one slip up away from
certain execution at the hands of Darth Vader.

While assigned to a specialized Imperial
archaeological team in search of the new
rebel base, Aphra was reunited with her
estranged father, Korin, whose recent run-in
with the Rebellion led them to an ancient
Force-cult shrine. But all Vader found at the
shrine were haunting visions of his own dark
past. He ordered the mind-wiped killer droid
BT-1 to execute one of the Aphras.

Korin chose to sacrifice himself for his
daughter, but the decision was interrupted by
the sudden capture of their shuttle by Aphra's
ex-girlfriend and current rebel leader, Magna

Behind enemy lines[]

Aboard the Rebel Alliance ship Unnamed, Captain Magna Tolvan tells a skeptical Sister Six that Dr Aphra is aboard the Lambda-class shuttle. A rebel soldier picks up an energy spike. Sister Six realize that Dr Aphra is charging the laser cannons and going to blaster her way out, much to the shock of Captain Tolvan.

Dr Aphra takes advantage of the shooting to flee the shuttle. The rebel soldier realizes that Dr Aphra hid inside the cannon systems. Sister Six responds that she forgot how sneaky Dr Aphra is while Captain Tolvan announces over the comlink that they have a stowaway and gives the rebels permission to shoot to kill. Sister Six observes that Dr Aphra abandoned her father Korin Aphra, Tolvan is not surprised and orders her men to move the other prisoners to the brig.

In the operations room, the protocol droid Teezee-Too informs Captain Tolvan that the Imperials have been searching for information about the new rebel headquarters based on his analysis of footage from Asteroid Helix 13-v. After losing contact with Teezee, she orders all combat personnel to converge on the operations room.

Captain Tolvan and the rebel troops converge on the Operations Room where they converge on what appears to be Dr Aphra. Tolvan is incensed that her former lover Aphra is planning to betray the rebels. However, she discovers that the figure is actually Teezee, whom Aphra has forced to wear her jacket and helmet. Aphra takes advantage of their distraction to escape the Operations Room and lock the rebels inside. Captain Tolvan tries to follow but her jacket is caught in the sliding door.

On the run[]

While navigating her way through the starship's electrical systems, Dr Aphra contacts BT-1, telling him that she sealed the troops inside the Operations Room and locked the bridge from the outside. Unable to reach the bridge, she convinces BT-1 to get her father to safety in return for killing anyone else aboard. As Dr Aphra enters a hallway, she hears Captain Tolvan's voice telling her that she has been tracking her down through her electro-tattoo.

Dr Aphra deduces that Captain Tolvan got one just like hers to help her escape the Accresker. Through the electro-tattoo's biofeedback, the two can sense each other's thoughts. Captain Tolvan is still angry at Dr Aphra for ruining her life and deleting her memories and attacks her with a blaster before kicking her. Kicking back, Dr Aphra counters that she used her to try and kill the Emperor.

A love-hate relationship[]

When Tolvan blames Aphra for ruining that mission, Aphra tells Tolvan not to pretend that she cared about that mission since she was only committed to serving any master. Tolvan counters that Aphra is wrong because the Rebellion has given her something new. Aphra climbs down a ladder into the lower levels of the ship with Tolvan following.

The two fall into the watery garbage compactor. Tolvan tells Aphra that she gave up everything for her and asks Aphra what she gave her return before hitting her. Aphra replies that Tolvan gave her pain, joy and chaos, which proves that she has got a heart. Through the biofeedback, Aphra senses that Tolvan genuinely believes in the hope that the rebels inspire. Realizing that Tolvan is determined to hiding the location of the new rebel base from the Empire, Aphra decides to rekindle her love for Tolvan. While the two have intercourse, BT-1 pulls Korin to safety and enters the hangar bay where the shuttle is waiting.

Escaping the rebels[]

While Tolvan sleeps, Aphra retrieves the location of the rebel base: the planet Hoth. Shortly later, an alarmed Tolvan awakes and returns to the bridge. She orders the bridge crew to get her strike team out of the operations room. A Rodian officer reports that someone has sliced through their security systems and ejected all of their escape pods. Tolvan realizes that this is a foil for the Imperials to escape on their shuttle.

After Sister Six confirms that they have attacked a tracking device onto the shuttle, she orders the Unnamed to jump into hyperspace in order to hunt down Aphra. However, Aphra has escaped in an escape pod.

Meanwhile, Vulaada Klam flees several shark-like creatures, which live on Ash Moon 1. Shortly later, the escaped Imperial shuttle lands. Aphra runs onto the gangplank, calling out for Dr Aphra only to encounter Aphra's father Korin. Korin remarks that he may have slep through a few important developments and asks what is going on. Vulaada tells him that she is fleeing the shark-like creatures. Korin tells Vulaada to stand behind him.

Aboard the escape pod, Dr Aphra quips about using this "piece of junk" to remotely fly a shuttle. She convinces BT-1 to contact Triple Zero in order to deliver a private message to Darth Vader. Triple Zero informs the Sith Lord that Mistress Aphra has learned the location of the rebel base and tells Lord Vader to dress warm.



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  2. In Doctor Aphra (2016) 39 it is established that the Echo Base has been constructed on Hoth. Star Wars: Galactic Atlas states that Echo Base was constructed in 3 ABY and places the base's destruction at the Battle of Hoth in the same year, meaning that the events of Doctor Aphra 39 are set in 3 ABY.

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