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Doctor Aphra 5 is the fifth issue of the Marvel comic book series Star Wars: Doctor Aphra. The comic is written by Kieron Gillen with art by Kev Walker. It was released on March 8, 2017.[1]

Publisher's summary[]

  • Has Aphra actually found a lost ancient Jedi site?
  • And if so, can she make it out with her life?
  • And if so, will she be able to get a good price for it?[1]

Plot summary[]

Book I, Part V
It is a period of opportunity. In a galaxy oppressed by
the cruelty of the Imperial forces, there is little hope
for the future. But for those operating on the fringes,
there is potential for profit.

Rogue archaeologist Aphra is back to retrieving rare
artifacts with a pair of homicidal droids and Wookiee
bounty hunter Black Krrsantan. Aphra's plans are
suspended, however, when her estranged father gets her to
join his search for the mysterious Ordu Aspectu.

After very narrowly escaping Imperial forces on Yavin 4,
Aphra and her father reach the long-lost citadel of the
Ordu Aspectu. Upon arriving, they immediately know that
they have found the ancient Jedi order. What they don't
know is that they've been followed....[2]

Into the Citadel of Rur[]

As Captain Magna Tolvan approaches the Citadel of Rur in a Lambda-class shuttle, she tells her officers that she is seeking absolution. She orders her snowtroopers to secure the space station and fire at will.

Meanwhile, Chelli Lona Aphra and her father Korin Aphra examine the remains of fallen Jedi. Kolvin takes offense and his daughter's sarcasm and tells her that these Jedi died in pain. He thinks it is horrible for those who lived only for peace to dies such a horrible death. Korin is incensed when his daughter begins looting the corpses for their lightsabers. Aphra defends her actions by claiming that archaeology is grave robbing with "fancy paperwork" and adds that she has debts to pay.

When Krrsantan roars, Aphra explains that she promised to find the people who trained him to be a gladiator. She explains that he doesn't object to the lifestyle but hates anyone controlling him. She adds that barbed passive aggression is her move.

The crystal walkway into space[]

The Aphras, Triple Zero, and BT-1 ("Beetee") find a sealed blast door. They find a generator with bodies of organics and droids strewn around. Triple Zero converses with Beetee, remarking that he is sure their human masters noticed the crystal fragments on the floor. He adds that they wouldn't be our masters if they were not our betters in every single way.

Aphra asks Korin how they will get the generator running again. When her father takes out crystals from his bag, Aphra asks how many they have. Korin responds that if he had collected them on Yavin 4, they would have a fine selection. He says all that they have is one crystal. Aphra says that she may be able to mimic its functionality and sends Triple Zero and Beetee to fetch a crystal modulator from the Ark Angel II.

While the droids are away, Korin finds a holographic image of Rur. He asks Aphra if she can access the logs from here. Aphra responds that the core is still but says she will try to open the blast door. Aphra manages to open the blast door, exposing a series of crystal-covered walkways around a cylindrical core. On the way back to the ship, Triple Zero and Beetee avoid a snowtrooper patrol led by Captain Tolvan.

The Aphras find that the walkways open directly into space. Korin explains that the Ordu Aspectu tried to make their followers understand their smallness compared to the majesty of space. He explains that civilians lived among the Ordu, proving the theory of Lupin Tutax. Aphra sarcastically remarks that they all died in pain.

Aphra notices that the station has direct vents into open space. Since they can still breathe, she says that the life supports must be on its own system. Korin responds that this certainly aligns with various Ordu theories and thinks that it must be part of the core computer. Aphra asks where is the computer core since she wants to find out what happened. Korin says that it is in the central sphere.

Imperial pursuit[]

At that point, the Aphras and Black Krssantan are attacked by snowtroopers led by Captain Tolvan. While the Aphras and the Wookiee take shelter behind a large ice crystal, Triple Zero and Beetee report that they eliminated two Imperials aboard the Ark Angel II and asks if they should protect the vessel and possibly mop up. Aphra thanks Triple Zero for the warning. She tells Krrsantan to slow down the Imperials and then pull back. She also orders Triple Zero to find a safe place to pick them up.

Korin reminds his daughter they have to reach the core because it will include the Ordu Aspectu's records. Aphra reasons that the Ark Angel could pick them up and asks how they can get across to the core. Captain Tolvan orders Squad Beta to flank their quarry and Squad Alpha to provide covering fire. Krrsantan manages to mislead the snowtroopers into thinking they have eliminated him and sneaks away.

Meanwhile, Korin and Aphra find a Force bridge and dodge blaster fire to reach the computer core. Triple Zero tells Aphra that Black Krrsantan is with them and that he will be leaving. He adds that if she lives through this, Aphra would still owe Krrsantan a debt. Aphra angrily tells Triple Zero to tell Krrsantan that if he was dating a bantha, she would still be the looker. Korin asks his daughter what they are going to do while taking shelter.

Father and daughter[]

Korin tells her father to get ready to run as she shoots an overhead structure, which collapses on one of the ice bridges, sending at least three snowtroopers to the abyss. Aphra and Korin take an elevator to the core which brings them to a crystal. Korin calls the crystal "Immortal Rur" himself.

Since the computer is missing a crystal, Korin is unable to reboot it. Aphra questions her father's devotion to the Ordu Aspectu. Korin responds that he was trying to bring light back into the universe. Aphra mocks her father for wanting to save the universe, dismissing it as a scary place. Korin tells Aphra that the Great Jedi Purge motivated him to bring back the Ordu, seeking to create a safer galaxy for his daughter to grow.

He explains that Aphra's mother Lona Aphra did not agree because she believed that they should live without fear of the consequences. Korin tells Aphra that him leaving his wife was never about him. When he asks if Lona hated him, Aphra responds that her mother only thought she was wrong. Korin regrets that he and his wife were unable to resolve their differences and apologizes to his daughter that she was caught in the middle. He apologizes that he and Lona were not good parents to Aphra.

Korin explains that Toob-Nix, the Sava whom she stole the Abersyn symbiotes, had died last month. Before his death, he sought revenge against Aphra for undermining his academic research by leaking information about her crimes to her own father, knowing that Aphra hated her father. She believed that Korin also hated his daughter. Korin offers to restore his daughter's doctorate if they make it out alive as a means of mending their relationship. Aphra asks her dad how he can be certain that she won't stab him.

In the presence of "Rur"[]

Aphra reveals that she pocketed the crystal needed to start up the computer and passes it back to her father. She explains that it reboots the computer and is the only way to get the records. Aphra thinks that Rur died turning the system off. She asks her father how eager he is to access the information on the Ordo Aspectu that he had sought for all these years.

Rur places the crystal on the cmputer and they are confronted by a green holographic entity claiming to be Rur. The "Eternal Rur" asks what time it is. When Korin remarks that Rur is dead, Eternal Rur claims that shell was the false Rur. "Eternal Rur" possesses a derelict droid and announces himself as Rur. Aphra remarks that the feeling "I told you so" is going to be awful lot less satisfying than she thought it would be.



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Notes and references[]

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