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Doctor Aphra 7 is the seventh issue of the canon comic book series Star Wars: Doctor Aphra. It was written by Alyssa Wong, illustrated by Minkyu Jung, and first published by Marvel Comics on January 20, 2021. It features the story "The Engine Job Part 2: The Offer," in which Chelli Aphra and Sana Starros pay a visit to Lady Proxima on Corellia.

Publisher's summary[edit | edit source]

THE OFFER! Hired by DOMINA TAGGE, APHRA sets her sights on a mysterious piece of tech that could shift the balance of the galactic civil war. Her hunt takes her to CORELLIA… and to SANA STARROS' doorstep! But Aphra's not the only one on Corellia with an eye on the tech…!

Plot summary[edit | edit source]

After narrowly escaping Darth Vader and doing a huge solid for the Rebellion, Doctor Aphra's cut all ties to her past
and is trying to go back to what she does best: hunting down the most valuable treasures in the galaxy.

But the rogue archaeologist is also exceedingly good at making enemies. Domina Tagge, the incredibly
powerful head of the Tagge Corporation, hired an army of bounty hunters to bring Aphra in.

Now Aphra's working for Domina. The job: steal experimental hyperdrive tech from Domina's rival.
To get it done, Aphra's going to need help….

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