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Dodonna was a Galactic-class battle carrier in the Galactic Alliance Defense Fleet.


The ship was named after General Jan Dodonna, one of the heroes of the Alliance to Restore the Republic. It was just as long as an Imperial star destroyer, though broader and massing fifty percent more than the Imperial design. The classification of "battle carrier" was alluded to be a political, rather than practical, change as the design was reminiscent of earlier Star Destroyers, albeit much more modern.

It was commanded by Admiral Matric Klauskin and acted as command ship in the Battle of Tralus in 40 ABY. Other officers included Colonel Moyan, Colonel Fiav Fenn, and Admiral Tarla Limpan.[1]

During the Second Galactic Civil War, she was forced to retreat from Corellia when she was attacked by Bothan and Commenorian naval forces. After inflicting heavy damage to Centerpoint Station, Dodonna jumped to the rendezvous point with the Anakin Solo and the Blue Diver. After Admiral Tarla Limpan transferred her flag to the Blue Diver, the Dodonna was recalled to Coruscant.

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