"Dodz? It's so tiny, it only has half a moon! Ha! Ha!"
―A droid[src]

Dodz was a tiny planet in the Outer Rim.


"And even that doesn't make its barren land any more appealing!"
―Another droid[src]

Despite its bleak and barren environment, Dodz was known throughout the galaxy for the wondrous crystals that were mined from its crust. Because of its tiny size, even droids made fun of the planet from time to time.[2]


During the Galactic War, the diminutive planet was reportedly known for its crystal caverns.[3]

"Our fathers fought hard against evil men like Kugg to free this Land! Its time we fought again!"
―An elderly citizen[src]

The planet was colonized by miners who arrived to harvest the planet's crystals. To protect them, they brought Ranger X-One defense robots with them. The planet was ruled by the Citizen's Council of Dodz, although the people had to fight against oppressive rulers from time to time.[2]

During the reign of the Galactic Empire, the planet found itself once again under such an oppressive ruler. Kugg had appointed himself Governor, using the Destroyer, a battle droid as his personal enforcer. While under Kugg's rule the planet's buildings and structures were mostly demolished by the Destroyer on a day to day basis, making most of the planet unattractive and unappealing to others in the galaxy. He levied heavy taxes on the inhabitants and killed everyone who refused to pay. Those lucky enough to survive the attacks, fled.[2]

One of his victims was the Crystal Merchant Lott Kemp. Shortly before he had to escape from the Destroyer, he had R2-D2 and C-3PO assigned to him by the Intergalactic Droid Agency. The two droids, stranded on the planet without a master, joined a young native of the planet, Jost Ellon and helped overthrow Kugg, using an old Ranger X-1.[2]

The core body of the planet's savior, the Ranger X-1 remained atop a hill as a statue in remembrance of when the war droid defeated the Destroyer in battle, while Kugg was sent to an intergalactic trial.[2]



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