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Dogs were domesticated animals noted for their keen sense of smell[1] and their barking vocalizations.[5] They were often kept as pets by Humans[3] and other species, such as Talz.[4] A similar, wilder canid was a wolf.[source?]

At least one dog lived in Anchorhead.[3]

An akk dog

In their youth, both Luke Skywalker[3] and Lando Calrissian owned dogs, though Calrissian's was run over by a hovercraft. The memory would haunt Calrissian for years to come.[6] Likewise, Luke would reflect upon his pet as he left the Tatoo system for the first time on the Millennium Falcon.[3] Ken sometimes wished he had a pet dog or cat instead of a pet mooka.[5] The K-9 series companion droids were designed to imitate a dog in both appearance and behavior.[7]

Several other creatures, such as the akk dog and the Cyborrean battle dog, may have been related to dogs, or named for dogs due to similar behavior and habits.

"Dog" was also sometimes used as a term of contempt. A Mandalorian mercenary once referred to the bounty hunter Durge as Jaing's "dog."[8] Likewise, while C-3PO's head was temporarily attached to a B1-Series battle droid's body during the First Battle of Geonosis, he shouted, "Die, Jedi dogs!"[9] Han Solo once said that Gamorreans "are as dumb as a box of rocks and sleep like a dog."[10] A more complimentary idiom was "top dog," which Canderous Ordo once used to mean the top bounty hunter on Taris.[11]

Though most mentions of dogs referred to non-sentient domestic animals, at least one sentient being existed who was only identified as a "dog." This being was an associate of the mercenary bunny Max.[2]

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George Lucas and Indiana

Besides the dog, quite a few other organisms in the Star Wars galaxy have obvious real-world analogues that share the same name, such as ducks; rabbits; horses; chickens; frogs; cats; and, of course, Humans. The status and origins of these connections remain a mystery.

Dog-related words such as hound,[12] cur,[13] pup,[14] or puppy[15][16] are used figuratively in some sources. These may be further examples of the place of dogs in the culture of the Star Wars galaxy.



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