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"Close up on my lead, Rogues! We don't leave another Rogue behind!"
―Rogue Leader Anj Dahl, ordering her squadron into combat[3]

A brief dogfight, fought between the Galactic Alliance Remnant's CF9 Crossfire starfighter unit Rogue Squadron and six Predator-class fighters of Darth Krayt's Galactic Empire, occurred above the planet Dac in 137 ABY. Prior to the battle, the Rogues were flying a reconnaissance flight over the Imperial–occupied planet, whose native Mon Calamari were the victims of an ongoing genocide initiated by the Empire earlier in the year. Deadly viral spores had recently been released into Dac's oceans, and during their patrol, Rogue Squadron noticed millions of corpses floating on the surface of the water world.

At that point, the Rogues' presence was discovered by the six Predators. Rogue pilot Andurgo disobeyed Rogue Leader Anj Dahl's order to flee and attacked the Predators in a rage over the speciecide that had been committed. Dahl brought the rest of the squadron in to assist him, and their Crossfires' guns quickly laid waste to all six of their opponents. Andurgo's fighter received minor damage; Dahl chose to ignore his insubordination, and the Rogues returned to the Galactic Alliance Core Fleet. There, they reported the gathered intelligence to Alliance Admiral Gar Stazi, who began a massive evacuation of Dac.


"Lord Krayt no longer wishes our resources to be tied up On Dac. It is time other planets felt the wrath of the Sith. Vul Isen, execute the Final Protocol."
―Darth Wyyrlok[3]

In 137 ABY, Darth KraytDark Lord of the Sith and Emperor of the Galactic Empire—initiated a genocide of the Mon Calamari species in retaliation for aid that several of their number provided to the Galactic Alliance Remnant, an enemy of the Empire. After executing 10 percent of the species' population, Imperial forces attempted to inter the survivors in work camps on the Mon Calamari homeworld of Dac.[4] The Galactic Alliance Remnant kept a watchful eye on Imperial–occupied Dac, at times sending starfighter patrols on reconnaissance flights through the planet's skies.[3]

After usurping the Imperial throne from Darth Krayt,[5] Sith Regent Darth Wyyrlok decided to move Imperial resources away from Dac, but yet wished its residents to be further punished. He thus ordered the Sith scientist Vul Isen to release deadly viral spores into the planet's oceans. Isen's biological weapon spread throughout the water world and would kill every living thing on Dac within a week. Within three days, millions of the planet's inhabitants died and floated to the surfaces of the oceans.[3]

The battle[]

"Heads up, Rogues! Imp eyeballs coming on in a hurry! Head out! We have to get this info back to the Admiral!"
"No! Kill filthy Imp butchers! Kill them all!"
―Anj Dahl and Andurgo[3]

Anj Dahl leads the Rogues into battle.

Three days after the viral spores were released, the Galactic Alliance Remnant CF9 Crossfire starfighter unit Rogue Squadron arrived over Dac to perform a routine reconnaissance patrol. Ronto, Rogue Two, spotted what he believed to be a newly-formed land mass on the planet's surface, but fellow Rogue Monia Gahan realized that it was in fact millions of corpses. Before the squadron could react, six Imperial Predator-class fighters of the Imperial Navy were alerted to their presence and moved to intercept.[3]

Rogue Leader Anj Dahl instructed her squadron to flee and report the intelligence to Alliance Admiral Gar Stazi, but Rogue pilot Andurgo—furious over the mass slaughter that the Empire had committed—ignored the order and broke squadron formation to attack the Predators. After his fighter's lasers destroyed one, the rest of the squadron was led into the fight by Dahl, who was unwilling to abandon a fellow Rogue. Her guns destroyed another Predator, and the Rogues quickly finished off their four remaining enemies. Andurgo's Crossfire was damaged by enemy fire during the brief dogfight, but it remained functional enough to jump into hyperspace. Dahl chose to overlook his disobeying of her order due to the gravity of the situation, and the Rogues fled into hyperspace in order to avoid Imperial reinforcements and to report to the Admiral.[3]


"But if we do not act in concert immediately, every living thing on the planet Dac will die!"
―Gar Stazi, to General Oron Jaeger of the Empire-in-exile[3]

The Rogues returned to the Galactic Alliance Core Fleet and reported the poisoning of Dac to Stazi, who resolved to evacuate as many citizens of the planet as possible before the viral spores engulfed the entire world. News of the poisoning spread across the galaxy, and volunteer starships pledged themselves to the Alliance's cause. With the aid of the Jedi Order and the Mon Calamari Rangers, an on-world resistance group, Alliance forces attacked the Imperials who remained on Dac and in orbit. The Empire quickly retreated, and a massive planetary evacuation began.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

The dogfight above Dac occurs early in the comic book Legacy (2006) 47. The comic was written by John Ostrander, penciled by Jan Duursema, and released in April 2010.


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