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"Could it be anything else?"
"Not really. Don't get vaped, but try to get past him. Make it look good."
―Luke Skywalker and Jaina Solo[src]

A dogfight took place in the Maw between Jedi Master Jaina Solo, who piloted the infiltration ship Rude Awakening, and the Sith Meditation Sphere Ship, who was under the influence of Abeloth, the last surviving member of the Ones. Unable to maneuver due to the narrow confines of the area caused by to two nearby black holes, they traded weapons fire for some time. Both vessels were damaged, but before either could be eliminated, Abeloth was finally destroyed, causing Ship to flee. Solo was able to locate Jedi Knight Ben Skywalker on Abeloth's planet, while Ship retrieved the Lady Vestara Khai from the surface.

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