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"So as you can see, nothing is out of my reach."
―Dok-Ondar to Kendoh Voss[src]

Dok-Ondar[2] was an Ithorian male[1] collector who operated an antiquities shop[3] in Black Spire Outpost on the planet Batuu on the edge of Wild Space in the Outer Rim. According to a rumor, he was willing to trade any treasure if the price was right.[1] In 10 BBY,[4] Dok-Ondar was present on First Light, the yacht operated by Crimson Dawn crime lord Dryden Vos, while Vos met with Tobias Beckett and Han Solo. Qi'ra, Vos' top lieutenant, wanted to ensure that Dok-Ondar was being well attended to.[2]




Dok speaks with Han on Batuu

Hiring Han SoloEdit

At one point before the Battle of Yavin, Dok-Ondar, dealer of ancient antiquities stationed on Batuu, hired renowned smuggler Han Solo to retrieve some infant sarlaccs from a famous holo scientific sarlacc keeper, Genzhor, on the planet I'vorcia Prime. When Solo arrived at the reserve, he found that Dr. Genzhor had been slain by his assistant, Ooris, when he pushed him into a pit of sarlaccs, and he was trying to scam him and attempted to steal his ship, the Millennium Falcon. After the events on I'vorcia Prime, Dok-Ondar was met again by Solo, returning the infant sarlacc. Dok-Ondar was dissatisfied with the results, due to there only being one, but Han lied and told him the reserve only had one.[5]

Encounter with Kendoh and her crewEdit

At one point, Remex Io, a Clawdite reunited with his crew led by female human Kendoh Voss, speaks with Ondar on Batuu, in the Black Spire Outpost. Ondar was disappointed with how late the crew was, but that was due to the First Order arriving and Remex needing to take a longer route through an alley. While there, the other member of Voss' crew, Wooro, notices the infant sarlacc. Dok-Ondar tells him the story of Solo smuggling them in from the reserve on I'vorcia Prime, but Voss immediately gets to showing what she wants to sell him. When Dok-Ondar sees what's on the screen, a lightsaber,[6] he asks them to leave immediately. His assistant asks him how that weapon could have been retrieved, and Dok wants to make sure it does not fall into the wrong hands.[5]

Personality and traitsEdit

Dok-Ondar was known for being a bit temperamental, yet he was willing to sell good stuff to his customers if they did the right deals with him.[7]

Behind the scenesEdit

"There's a reason Dok-Ondar's name ripples far and wide in the Star Wars universe. He's a mysterious Ithorian who is the proprietor of the most notorious antiquities shop in the galaxy. And every item has a story behind it. Some more dangerous to listen to than others."
―Ethan Sacks on Dok-Ondar[src]

The Walt Disney Parks and Resorts panel at the D23 Expo on July 16, 2017 announced Dok-Ondar as a character that will make appearances in the upcoming theme-park land Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge. The themed lands are set to open in 2019, first at Disneyland in Anaheim, California and then at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.[1] Dok-Ondar takes the form of an animatronic that cast-member attendants will interact with, asking how much it will take to part with certain items.[8] A bust of Dok-Ondar was later present during Celebration Chicago.[7]

Within the Star Wars canon, Dok-Ondar was first mentioned in the 2018 Star Wars Anthology film Solo: A Star Wars Story.[2]



Dok-Ondar in his shop


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