Dol Captison was a Human male senator who served in the Bakuran Senate since the days of the Galactic Republic.


He was a member of the influential Captison family; he was possibly the grandson or great-grandson of the planet's founder, Deredith Arden. Dol's brother Yeorg was also a member of the Bakuran Senate, and when Dol's daughter, Gaeriel expressed an interest in politics, Dol helped her achieve her wishes (presumably, this help included using his position to ensure Gaeriel's acceptance into the Bakur Senatorial Academy).

A year after her daughter was accepted into the Academy, the Galactic Empire invaded Bakura. Both Dol and his wife were killed in the Bakuran capital city, Salis D'aar, when they accidentally were caught in a firefight between Imperial and Bakuran forces.

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