"Fentanu Dramaya! Two Protectors, now!"
―Borta celebrates the Jedi victory[1]

The Dolandu were a white-furred humanoid species native to the moon Skalokor. They worked as trappers and mountaineers, forming small settlements for trading purposes. The Dolandu respected members of the Jedi Order, and Jedi Master Niquon and his Padawan, Nason Laric, at one time lived near the Dolandu settlement of Stomorr. The residents of Stomorr were attacked by forces under the control of off-world Dark Jedi, who sought to kill the Jedi Master; however, Niquon was able to defeat the attackers with the aid of Laric.

Biology and appearance[]

The Dolandu were a sentient species of humanoids native to Skalokor, one of the two moons orbiting the planet Yabosta. The species was covered in white fur.[1]

Society and culture[]

The Dolandu formed settlements such as Stomorr, a colorful and cozy trading center. There, local Dolandu gathered to trade various goods and news, as well as seek shelter from the cold. Their settlements had streets paved with flagstones as well as open plazas decorated with statues. Some Dolandu worked as trappers and mountaineers, armed with pikes. They spoke a particular regional dialect from their world but could also speak Galactic Basic Standard, albeit with a heavy accent.[1]

The Dolandu had a great respect for the Jedi Order.[1]


Two Jedi train on Skalokor, the Dolandu homeworld.

"It's an assassin droid. A modified medical model, it flies and injects poisons. Borta found it floundering on a rock; its navigational systems are damaged. There are explosive devices here and here…"
"I am sorry, exalted protector. I did not intend to visit danger on you!"
―Jedi Master Niquon and Borta[1]

The Dolandu were native to Skalokor, a moon covered in forests and mountains, orbiting[1] the Expansion Region[2] planet Yabosta—appearing in the sky as a blue-white disc—which was settled by Humans and various other species. At one time, the Jedi Master Niquon resided on Skalokor, training his Padawan, Nason Laric, in the mountains near Stomorr. The Dolandu began to regard Niquon as their protector, and the few natives that knew of his sanctuary discreetly traded supplies with him. That arrangement was disturbed, however, when an aged Dolandu named Borta discovered a malfunctioning droid. Taking it to Niquon, the Jedi Master recognized it as an assassin droid. Having been modified from a medical droid, it was capable of injecting lethal poison into its targets. Together with Borta, Niquon ventured down from his sanctuary to Stomorr, hoping to use his healing abilities on any Dolandu that had been poisoned, while he sent his Padawan to Yabosta in order to get the droid examined by Lowghen Badra, a technician and pilot known to Niquon.[1]

The droid had been sent to the moon by a group of Dark Jedi for the express purpose of killing Niquon. They had equipped it with drethi venom, which, when fresh, was particularly fatal to Force users, said to "burn when the Force flows." Von Totha, an apprentice of the Dark Jedi, was in charge of the Skalokor operation, and in addition to the assassin droid, he had a number of other droid fighters, Rodian mercenaries, and a live drethi on the planet. Totha's forces attacked the Stomorr settlement in force, poisoning a number of the Dolandu leaders and causing the rest to cower in their homes while Niquon tried to protect them. The Jedi Master managed to defeat all of the droids and Rodians but was badly wounded by the drethi.[1]

Niquon was rescued by his Padawan, who returned from Yabosta with Badra. Together they defeated the drethi, saving Niquon and the Stomorr Dolandu. They were able to use expired drethi venom as an antidote to heal both Niquon and the Dolandu leaders. The Dolandu slowly returned to the streets, celebrating the victory and welcoming Laric as a second protector for their village.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The Dolandu were created by S. John Ross for the pick-a-path adventure Jedi's Legacy, published in Star Wars Gamer 10 by Wizards of the Coast in April 2002. No time period is set for this adventure, though it makes references to a Jedi Temple on Coruscant, as well as Padawans and Padawan braids. However, as these exist both in the old Jedi Order and the New Jedi Order, they provide no conclusive indication of timing.

As the game is a pick-a-path adventure, it is possible for Laric, the player-character, to be killed at numerous stages throughout the adventure. This can happen while Laric is on Yabosta, which may prevent the drethi antidote returning to Skalokor, or it could happen while he is fighting the drethi in Stomorr. In either case, there is no indication of what would happen to the Dolandu living in the Stomorr settlement.


Notes and references[]