"Listen to me, you useless priss. Acolytes aren't allowed to murder each other. But accidents happen. It isn't murder without witnesses."

Dolgis was a Human male acolyte at the Sith Academy on Korriban during the Cold War. He was an associate of Vemrin, a fellow acolyte and an enemy of Overseer Tremel's protégé.

Vemrin and Dolgis had known each other from back on Balmorra, before they had been brought to the Sith Academy. Dolgis stayed by Vemrin's side and helped him rise through the ranks of the acolytes. On Vermin's request, Dolgis ambushed the new acolyte on his way to Tremel's office, but the battle ultimately led to Dolgis' death. In a later confrontation between the acolyte and Vemrin, the later assumed that Dolgis failed because the former was still alive.[1]



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