Dolomar was the sector capital of Dolomar sector. The mostly Human population lived underground to avoid the bitter cold. The largest of these underground complexes, Diflu, was located in the northernmost mountains of the planet, the L'tiri Peaks. The local day lasted 45 standard hours. The local year lasted 224 local days. Its hydrosphere was mostly solidified as glaciers and snow.

History[edit | edit source]

Early history[edit | edit source]

Originally a colony of the Galactic Republic, the world became quickly settled due to several large deposits of ores and various specialized minerals and crystals. The planet's 1.5 billion citizens maintained a participatory democracy. Besides valuable mineral deposits, the world was an exporter of a local spiced wine, which was popular in many galactic cantinas.

New Republic[edit | edit source]

Dolomar quickly allied itself with the New Republic after the Battle of Endor when local resistance forces ousted the Imperial governor, but was subjected to heavy fighting during the Thrawn campaign. Safe in their deep cavern cities, the Dolomars were protected from orbital bombardment. The Empire learned the stubborn resolve of the natives the hard way- the initial invasion force was ambushed and wiped out.

The world became a hotly contested battle zone, with New Republic fleet units and local Dolomar defense forces holding back the Imperial invasion fleet. Those Imperial transports that managed to slip past the defensive array of New Republic warships often found themselves shot down by crack Dolomar gunners, manning anti-aircraft weapons scattered across the planet. Those few Imperial forces that managed to land found themselves quickly cut off and eliminated by local inhabitants fighting from hidden passages and caves.

The battle for the world was so important that New Republic Supreme Commander Ackbar personally inspected units assigned to protect the world.[4]

At some point the New Republic transferred the capital of the sector from Dolomar to Caprioril.[5]

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