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"And the Jedi's opponent…from the dolovite mines of Mustafar…where for years his job was to keep the tunnels clear of xandanks and giant man-eating lava eels."
―Fight announcer at the Grakkus Arena[src]

The dolovite mines of Mustafar contained tunnels that were guarded by the roggwart Kongo against xandanks and lava eels. The mines were located on[1] the volcanic mining planet Mustafar; under the heavy guard of the Galactic Empire, mining operations there eventually ceased by the time of the Galactic Civil War.[2] While Kongo enjoyed killing the giant eels with his bare hands at the dolovite mines, he became a gladiator at the Grakkus Arena on Nar Shaddaa by 0 ABY. In that year, an announcer of Grakkus's arena detailed the roggwart's work at the mines while the beast, dubbed "Kongo the Disemboweler," was released to combat the Jedi-in-training Luke Skywalker.[1]

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The dolovite mines of Mustafar were mentioned in the eleventh issue of the comic series Star Wars,[1] written by Jason Aaron and published by Marvel Comics on November 4, 2015.[3]

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