"My duty is to the gods, our leaders, and Domain Kraal."
―Pilot Charat Kraal[2]

Domain Kraal was a warrior caste Domain of the Yuuzhan Vong that was in existence during the Yuuzhan Vong War. Around 27 ABY, Domain Kraal was tasked with holding the captured planet of Borleias as a colony and protecting it from the forces of the New Republic. However, after the fall of the capital world of Coruscant to the Yuuzhan Vong forces, New Republic forces under General Wedge Antilles defeated Domain Kraal at Borleias and took the world. Some members of Domain Kraal continued to harass New Republic forces near the planet afterward.


"Send Wyrpuuk Cha's fleet to crush them. Domain Kraal despises Domain Cha; having to admit a debt to Cha will be additional punishment for not holding Borleias as they should."
―Warmaster Tsavong Lah[1]

Domain Kraal was present for the Yuuzhan Vong's invasion of a galaxy other than their own, and after the invaders captured the world of Borleias from the New Republic, the domain was given control of the planet as a colony. There, Domain Kraal created a base over the old New Republic/Imperial one after destroying it. In 27 ABY, following the fall of the New Republic capital of Coruscant to the Yuuzhan Vong, pilots Penzak Kraal and Charat Kraal were patrolling the system in coralskippers. It was then that a New Republic fleet under the command of General Wedge Antilles arrived in the system, and prepared to sever Domain Kraal's hold on Borleias.[1]

Though Penzak Kraal managed to send a warning to the Domain Kraal commander on Borleias, the New Republic forces landed on the planet after defeating coralskipper squadrons that were launched against them. Antilles' forces landed ground troops near the Domain Kraal base via the freighter Record Time, and Domain Kraal's force of warriors and at least one rakamat were soon defeated. Although Penzak was killed in the fighting, other Kraal forces survived, such as Charat Kraal, and they managed to relay some information regarding the enemy's position to their superiors in the rest of the galaxy as they hid in the system. As punishment for letting the system fall into enemy hands, Warmaster Tsavong Lah sent Domain Cha, who was despised by Domain Kraal at large, to retake Borleias, so the Kraals would be in debt to Domain Cha.[1]

However, Domain Cha failed to claim the planet, and before the Yuuzhan Vong sent former Warmaster Czulkang Lah to defeat the New Republic, remnants of Domain Kraal forces fought alongside Charat Kraal as they harassed the enemy forces and gained additional intelligence. When Lah arrived with his own force, Charat Kraal fought under him as they attempted to seize Borleias once more.[1] The world did indeed fall to them, though Lah and Charat Kraal both perished in the battle. Meanwhile, a small New Republic force used two sets of Domain Kraal Vonduun crab armor to disguise themselves as they carried out a mission on Coruscant.[2]


Domain Kraal was a Domain made up of the warrior caste of the Yuuzhan Vong.[1] Their armor was colored with swirled silver and pink shades.[2] The Domain answered to the Yuuzhan Vong's warmaster, and was led by a commander at the time of its defeat at Borleias.[1]

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Domain Kraal first appeared in 2002's The New Jedi Order novel The New Jedi Order: Enemy Lines I: Rebel Dream, by Aaron Allston. The Domain later appeared in the sequel, The New Jedi Order: Enemy Lines II: Rebel Stand, also by Allston and put out in 2002 as well. It was mentioned in the entry for Yuuzhan Vong Domains in The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia, released in 2008.



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