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Doman Beruss was a Human male Senator who represented the Illodia sector under the Galactic Empire and later the New Republic. His aunt was another Doman Beruss, the senator of Corellian sector.


He was a close friend of Bail Prestor Organa, and was a reliable supporter of Leia Organa Solo while she was Chief of State. That changed, however, during the Black Fleet Crisis, when Beruss served as chairman of the New Republic's Ministry Council. When Han Solo was captured en-route to the Fifth Battle Group, Beruss moved for a Vote of No Confidence against Leia, fearing that she might rush to war with the Yevetha just to save Han. While Beruss's intentions were good, the vote strained his friendship with Leia. It is unknown if they managed to repair it.

Doman had a son, Avan, who was a member of Rogue Squadron.



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