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"Ronen's mistake was underestimating you. Yours was underestimating me."
―Domina Tagge, to Chelli Aphra[src]

Domina Tagge was a human female member of the prominent Tagge family and the head of the Tagge Corporation. Tagge operated from Tagge Space, aboard the starship Acquisitor. She was the aunt of Ronen Tagge,[3] who she had often spoiled, allowing him to have whatever he wanted.[2]

When Ronen was almost killed in the destruction of his penthouse by the rogue archaeologist Chelli Aphra after attempting to acquire the supposedly powerful artifacts known as the Rings of Vaale,[1] Tagge had a bounty placed on Aphra. The archaeologist was captured by the sniper Just Lucky and the bounty hunter Kharrek and delivered to the Acquisitor, where Tagge ordered Aphra to undertake a task—infiltrating the rival company De'Rruyet Industries, whose leader, Beol De'Rruyet, claimed to possess a Nihil path engine that could provide a revolutionary method of lightspeed travel and thus financially ruin the Tagge dynasty.[3]

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