The Dominant was a Carrack-class light cruiser of the Imperial Navy.



The bridge of the Dominant.

Built around 6 BBY, the Dominant shared a connection with the military career of Pter Thanas. Under Thanas's command, Dominant fought the Crimson Nova pirates at F’Dann IX, and presumably served in a defensive capacity while Thanas was stationed at Alzoc III. When Thanas was transferred to Bakura in 1 ABY, Dominant became the system force flagship under the command of Captain Dren Jamer, where its primary task consisted of a detailed mapping of the Bakura system.

By 4 ABY, Dominant was showing its age with a set of failing lateral thrusters. Despite its age, Dominant played a critical role in the Invasion of Bakura as the most powerful warship of the Imperial-Rebel alliance at Bakura. After successfully driving back the invasion force, Dominant turned its guns against the Alliance cruiser-carrier Flurry, and on Governor Nereus's orders, destroyed it.

In the subsequent Bakuran revolution, Thanas surrendered Dominant to the Alliance and defected. As Captain Jamer departed with the remaining Imperial garrison forces, Thanas was placed in command of Dominant as flagship of the newly created Bakuran Alliance system defense force.



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