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The Dominator was an BSX-5 Harrower-class dreadnought used by the reconstituted Sith Empire. It functioned as Darth Jadus' flagship until its disappearance and Jadus' supposed death.


During the Cold War Darth Jadus ordered the vessels passenger quarters to be modified which allowed them to be converted into temporary prison cells.

Darth Jadus was thought to have been assassinated, along with thousands of dignitaries, Sith and slaves during a tour of Imperial space. Later Cipher Nine and Watcher Two were dispatched by Keeper to the Artus system, an uninhabited system within Imperial space, where the Dominator was hiding. They boarded the dreadnought manned only by crazed Imperial soldiers and droids, and discovered that it was projecting a jamming signal that would prevent them from calling for reinforcements. Upon reaching the dreadnought's bridge, Cipher Nine was surprised to encounter a very much alive Darth Jadus, flanked by two cybernetically enhanced dark guardians.

After defeating Jadus in combat, he was taken into the custody of the Dark Council where his fate was unknown but most likely torture followed by execution. Cipher Nine made a request, jokingly, what would happen to the dreadnought and if Nine could take command of her. Watcher Two stated that the issue should be taken up with Keeper. It is unlikely that command was turned over to Cipher Nine and that is was much more likely that the vessel was repaired and reentered into service with the Imperial Navy or that it was scraped for components by the Ministry of Logistics.



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